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Some Fascinating Facts About Gemstones

One of the best examples of unity in diversity is the world of gemstones! Yes, they are different in their colors, mineral composition, surface patterns, etc but No matter how many differences all come together into one family that is a family of gems. Mother Nature and her efforts for millions of years are responsible for the formation of fascinating crystals. Moreover, they are popular among people because of their durability, wonderful beauty, and extraordinary healing powers. Let’s explore some interesting facts about gemstones:

Rarest among the rare:

People consider all colored diamonds as rare ones. But, among all colored diamonds, the red diamond is rarer in availability when compared to other colored diamonds. In fact, Scientists have revealed that only 20 to 30 red diamonds came in to light so far all over the world.

Star of Asia- Unique star sapphire:

It is a cabochon-cut star sapphire mined in Sri Lanka by the Kohinoor trading company. And it is one of the large stones, having a weight of 330 carats (66 grams). Moreover, it traveled in the hands of many people during the time period 1950 to 1960. In 1960 maharajah of Jodhpur gifted this amazing beauty to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. From then to now it has been raising the reputation of that museum.

The beauty of fossils – Amber:

Do people adore fossils? Many people say no to this question. But, in contrast, the answer is yes. Beauty lovers adore fossilized tree resin. People call it as amber, a gemstone. And also it is famous for its color and beauty. Some stones have small animals and plant parts within them as inclusions. Moreover, having this kind of inclusions does not affect or decrease beauty. In fact, its beauty increases even after having these inclusions.

Cleopatra’s favorite peridot:

Almost all the people know about Cleopatra. Of course, who does not know about the Egyptian queen named for her beauty and intelligence? But, the interesting thing is people dFo not know that the gemstone Peridot is the favorite of Cleopatra. Though, two green-colored beauties namely Emerald and Peridot are favorites for her. She has a special liking for the peridot.

The softest one and the hardest one:

Among all the gemstones, Amber is the softest and lightest one. You can see it floating when you drop it on the water. Coming to the hardest stone, it is none other than the precious diamond.

World’s largest diamond:

The world’s largest diamond is Cullinan Diamond. And it was mined in the premier mine in South Africa in 1905. The weight of this diamond is 3,106 carats. Furthermore, Thomas Cullinan was the owner of this stone. Hence, the name Cullinan diamond.

Rainbow colored stones:

Hey, do you know this interesting fact? The month of October has two birthstones namely, opal and tourmaline. Both of these stones are famous for their rainbow colors. Opals are famous for play of colors on black background. Furthermore, Tourmaline is popular for its multi colors. Actually you cannot count in how many colors that the tourmaline show.

Gemstone of animal origin: 

Almost all kinds of stones are available in the mines in the lap of mother earth. On the other hand, some stones are of animal origin like Pearls. Pearls are famous for their beauty, and the women adore them the most after the diamonds. In fact, they take three years to grow into a mature pearl.

Gemstone mined in only one place:

Almost all the gemstones are mined in all parts of the world except the crystal Tanzanite. If you want to see this crystal mining, then you must go to a place near the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Yes, This is the only area where you can find this stone.

Painite- the world’s rarest gem:

Painite was the rarest gem. Arthur C.D. Pain, a British mineralogist discovered this gem. Because of its red color, he misunderstood it as Ruby. And  after 1957 this stone was identified as a new variety. Apart from that, until 2001, only two more stones came into existence. Now you can see this crystal in the British Museum of Natural History, London.

Stone that resembles the painting:

The crystal named agate is a beautiful stone that has bands or stripes on it. The colorful stripes increase the beauty of the stone and give it a special look. In fact, Agate gives the impression to its viewer that the painter painted very skillfully.

Some more interesting points about gemstones:

  • There is no particular evidence from which period of time man came across the use of gemstones. But it was confirmed that the people of Egypt, China, Greek, Rome, India, and Europe used them in a wide range.
  • There is clear evidence that Egyptians had used gemstones in their daily life from 4000 B.C. They used them in the carving of jewelry and weapons. In fact, they used lapis lazuli to communicate with gods and goddesses.
  • The first gemstone used by Chinese people was  Nephrite Jadein 3600 BC.
  • India was the first country to export diamonds on a commercial basis in 300 B.C.
  • Almost all people know that diamonds are valuable ones. But, other gems are more rare and expensive. And they include RED BERYL(Rs. 7,18,000/ct), ALEXANDRITE(Rs. 7,18,000/ct), GRANDIDIERITE( Rs. 14,36,000/ct), PAINITE(Rs. 43,00,000/ct).
  • Gemologists revealed that there are 2,000 natural minerals identified. Out of them, less than 100 are recognized as gemstones. Moreover, People consider only 16 varieties as important ones. They are beryl, chrysoberyl, corundum, diamond, feldspar, garnet, jade, lazurite, olivine, opal, quartz, spinel, topaz, tourmaline, turquoise, and zircon.

An excellent alternative to diamond:

People can use moissanite as the best alternative to diamonds. It is a diamond simulant. And French chemist Henri Moissan discovered it in 1893.

You can choose any of the gemstones as they are the best and excellent choices to express love. And they are not only a ladder for spiritual growth, but also an aid to achieve heights in life.

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