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Small size custom design and embroidery on logo

Your custom logo embroidery size guide

Size is important if you want your logo embroidered on the reverse side of the shirt, right? Too big and it will be disproportionate and stupid on the shirt. It is too small and those who want to see it cannot see or read it easily. How big your logo is should depend on a few things:Ultimateemblem.com shape of your logo, the size of your smallest element, where you put your logo, and what. There’s no single answer, but we’ll break down what we’ve found.

Size embroidery for shirt

The final size of an embroidered logo can also depend a lot on the size of the logo. For example, we interact with circular logos rather than horizontal or vertical logos. Depending on the nature of the shape, circular logos look larger because they take up more space.

There are logos that can be very good exceptions to these guidelines, but for standard logos, we have some basic recommendations. Much larger than this and most logos will start to look a bit out of proportion.

We recommend for the logo on the left chest:

  • 2.5” diameter for the circle logo
  • 3” wide or less for square logos
  • 2 – 3.5” wide dots for horizontal or vertical logos

For the embroidered logo on the sleeve, we recommend:

  • 3” diameter for the circle logo
  • 3” wide for a square logo
  • 3 – 3.75” at the widest point for horizontal or vertical logos.

Tips for resizing your logo on a professional shirt

We’ve come up with a few strategies over the years. Logos on the left chest are some of the most popular embroideries we do, so we get a lot of questions about their size. 

Most people are familiar with the size of business cards. Most logos end up the size of a business card, either in landscape or portrait orientation.  Try taking a business card and placing it on your left chest to get a clear understanding of the size of a logo.

Embroidery size for hats

Hats are also a popular choice, and they are their own animal. We embroider both structured and unorganized beanie hats. You can embroider on the front, side, or back of the hat and the front of the beanie. Each location has different size restrictions.

For logos embroidered on the front of a hat or beanie, we recommend:
  • 1.75″ diameter for circular logos
  • 1.75” wide for a square logo
  • 4 – 5” x 1.75” for horizontal logo
  • 1.75” long for the vertical logo
For the embroidered logo next to the cap, we recommend:
  • 1” diameter for a circle logo
  • 1” wide for a square logo
  • 2” x 1” for landscape logo (vertical not recommended)
For the logo embroidered on the back of the hat, we recommend:
  • 1” diameter for the circle logo
  • 1” wide for a square logo
  • 3” x – 1”’ for horizontal logos (vertical not recommended)

Embroidery for the smallest material

If in doubt, consider the smallest element of an Embroidery logo that has its limitations. Flowing the material is different from placing ink on the paper.

So we look at how big the smallest elements in the logo need to be for them to embroider well then adjust the size of the overall image to reflect it.

There are some cases where the smallest elements are too small so if we adjust the size so that they embroider well, the logo will fly to the point of being too big. In this case, the smallest elements can be adjusted or omitted so that the logo will be clearly embroidered and not too large.

Try our simple logo uploader

Shaping a custom embroidered logo can be a challenge, even with these tips and tutorials. You don’t want to put something that looks bad or nasty! This is why each of our garments allows us to easily upload a logo. Before payment, you have the opportunity to upload your logo and resize it as an image, how it will look.

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