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Small Business Ideas For Kids

Lemonade Stand Owner(small business ideas)

Lemonade stands are a popular children’s business. So, with the proper permits and assistance from an adult, you can open your own booth. Alternatively, you may develop a new lemonade product and sell it in stores.(small business ideas)

Inventor(small business ideas)

Kids can also utilize their imagination to come up with fresh product concepts, which they can later develop or sell.

Operator of the Chores Service(small business ideas)

Laundry and even yard cleanup can present entrepreneurial opportunities for children, who can volunteer to take care of these chores for a charge.

Author of Children’s Books(small business ideas)

You might also write and assemble your own children’s book, then find a publisher or self-publish it online.

Illustrator(small business ideas)

Kids can also provide illustration services to writers of children’s books or even individual clients.

Provider of Tutoring Services

Kids can also tutor younger children who require assistance with specific academic subjects.

Maker of sweets

Kids can even create food-related enterprises with the support of an adult and the required permits, such as designing a new sort of sweets to sell.


With the support of a parent, you may focus on various sorts of baked products to sell online or in local stores.

Decorator of cakes

Cake decorating skills could also be offered to bakeries or friends and family members who are holding special events.

Designer of Jewelry

Crafty enterprises are ideal for children who are just starting out in business. So you can go out and buy some stuff and produce jewelry to sell on the internet or at craft shows.

Designer of clothing

Similarly, if you’re a youngster with a flair for fashion, you can design your own clothing to sell in stores or online.

Designer of T-shirts

Alternatively, you may design your own t-shirts and have them manufactured to sell online in various styles.


Artistic children could even establish their own art companies by painting or drawing their own work and selling it to consumers directly.

Walker of Dogs

A dog walking service could be an excellent way for kids who enjoy spending time with animals to get their feet wet in the business world.

Groomer for pets

You might even establish your own pet grooming service and offer to wash and groom pets for customers.

Sitter for pets

For children who enjoy spending time with animals, pet sitting is a realistic economic opportunity.


Parents that need someone to look after their younger children while they are gone can hire older children to babysit.


For persons of any age, blogging can be a feasible business option. An adult can assist children in setting up their website, after which they can develop and share their own content.

Personality on YouTube

You may even create a YouTube channel and post various kid-friendly videos while earning a portion of the site’s advertising revenue.


Another feasible business prospect for kids is podcasting. All you’ll probably need is an adult to assist you with some of the technical components.

Operator of a Car Wash

Kids can also provide vehicle washing services to members of the community by setting up shop in a parking lot or an open area and charging for a full clean or even some detailing.

Painter of the Face

Face painting services can be offered at festivals or other comparable areas for kids who want to work at parties or special events.

Artist who works with balloons

Balloon artists are frequently seen at festivals and other gatherings. You can charge consumers or even event organizers for your services if you know how to make various products out of balloons.


You can also set up shop at events and earn tips or even charge events a fee if you have the skill to juggle or share other unique talents.


Those with a musical bent might also start a business by performing music at events.


You might even start a business as a magician and share your magical abilities at parties and events.

Book Retailer

Anyone with a large library of books, or at least the financial wherewithal to buy them, can open an online bookstore or sell books on Amazon.

Operator of a gift wrapping service

Kids can provide giftwrapping services for consumers who don’t have time to prepare their own gifts during the holidays or other special occasions.

Decorator for the Seasons

During the holidays, decorating homes or even businesses can be a lucrative business option.

Provider of Garage Sale Services

You can offer your services to customers who wish to host garage sales during the warmer months, or even arrange your own sales.

Party Organizer

Kids can also assist in the organizing of parties or other special events if they are supervised or given permission by adults.

Maker of Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are easy to make and sell. Kids can either make their own designs or have them professionally printed.

Provider of Elderly Care

While children cannot provide medical care or act as primary caregivers, they can assist elders who require assistance with errands or household duties, or who simply want some extra companionship.

Deliverer of Gift Baskets

Kids can also make and sell their own gift baskets, or offer a business that distributes gift baskets to their intended recipients.

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