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Six Tips To Tidy Up Your Workspace To Make Professional Cleaning A Smooth Process

Even if you have a small or a large enterprise, proper and thorough cleaning is important to make a positive impression. A large number of people visit your office every day. Many do not make it beyond the reception area. However, each visitor brings along dust and dirt from outside. If an office is not properly cleaned, you might lose your potential customers, as a poorly maintained office is not a happy sight.

Many business enterprises hire professional office cleaners. It is because they not only have professional tools and innovative technology; they are well aware of the functionality of cleaning tools and solutions. These commercial cleaning experts offer cleaning services such as vacuuming the floors and upholstery, scrubbing the bathrooms, disinfecting surfaces, and carpet cleaning in Canberra and other cities. 

Before the commercial cleaners arrive, it is essential that you tidy up your workspace. It helps professional cleaners to do their jobs easily. 

Here are a few tips you and your staff should follow before the professional cleaners arrive to make the cleaning process easier and hassle-free.

Make A Checklist

Make a checklist of things you need to do before the professional cleaners from Phs.co.uk arrives. Reschedule the appointments. Prepone or postpone the important meetings so that when the cleaning experts arrive, you have minimal work to complete. 

Inform all the employees and frequent visitors about the cleaning schedule so that there are minimal disruptions and the cleaning process is conducted smoothly.

It is best to schedule the cleaning task after office hours so that the number of people in the office is minimum at the time of cleaning. 

Save Important Papers And Files

Vital documents might get lost during the cleaning process. If your workspace is cluttered with important and confidential paperwork, it is best to store these essential documents safely in cabinets and drawers. Ensure to lock them so that water or moisture does not damage them. File loose papers and mark them so that they are easier to retrieve.  

Clear Out the Clutter

Apart from clearing away the important documents, the office staff should tidy up their workspaces. Put away those stationary boxes and keep the books and magazines in their proper place to provide more room for the cleaners. All the tidiness should be completed a day before the arrival of professional cleaners. 

If you remove the clutter from desks and floors, it will remove obstructions that might cause accidents. 


Secure Fragile Items or Equipment

Ensure that fragile items such as decorative pieces, coffee cups, etc., are removed beforehand. Often, professional cleaners are well aware that during the cleaning process, they might encounter fragile items; thus, they follow all safety measures to ensure none of the office items are damaged. However, your belongings are your responsibility, and you should secure them before they fall into the wrong hands or are damaged. 


Dispose of unwanted items

Unwanted items are lying around your workspace. Ensure to remove them and dispose of them. It reduces unwanted clutter from your workspace. Empty the trash can and keep minimal items on the workspaces. 


Check Small But Important Details

During the cleaning process, you might face problems such as electrical components becoming faulty. To prevent these problems from occurring during the cleaning process, it is vital to check all small but important details before starting. Some of these issues are:

  • Pieces of broken furniture, which might lead to accidents 
  • Listing out the items that need cleanings, such as upholstery, cabinets, floors, carpets, electrical appliances, and others. It will help you keep track of items that have to be cleaned.
  • Ensure that you have an ample amount of water supply so that the cleaning process is conducted smoothly. 
  • Remove the unwanted food items and clean the dishes because many office cleaners do not clean dishes or dispose off food items.


A clean office is essential for you and your employees. It leads to higher productivity and provides a pleasant environment. Having your workplace cleaned before the arrival of professional cleaners in Canberra would make commercial cleaning a hassle-free and quick process.

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