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Significance of Elderly Care Services in a Society

The most crucial stages in a man’s life are birth, childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age. Every stage in life has its very own troubles and issues.

As people age, physical strength deteriorates and mental stability lessens. The number of older folks in India is over 80 million. As age progresses, several medical issues take place.

Some of the common diseases in old age are diameters, blood pressure, arthritis, heart failure issues, cancer malignancy, tuberculosis, joint pains, and kidney infections.

Problems in old age

Old age is a sensitive phase; the elderly people need comfort and care to live a healthy life without anxiety and worries.

With the change in behavioral patterns, elderly people at home become senile which leads to abuse of them by their kin. Such issues affect the lives of senior citizens and give rise to other psychological and physiological problems.

However, it is not just the disease that affects old age. Many other issues lead to the downfall of the health of the old people.

Some old people become the victims of the younger generation. Old age requires supervision, the laxity to understand the worries. Their basic needs make them appear strangers to the younger generation, and eventually make them a burden. However, there are exceptions.

Why choose old age homes?

Living in old age homes in a homely atmosphere can boost mood and increase longevity.

Seniors can continue with their daily routines. If you live in South India, you can choose old age homes in Kochi where caregivers encourage old people to do as much as they can independently. Maintaining independence can enhance the physical, mental, and emotional health of old ones.

Sometimes, senior people are subject to abuse from family members over property disputes.  They are compelled to live in penury till death after selling their property. Some of them are so scared that they cannot express themselves due to fear of being humiliated by their loved ones.

Benefits of choosing old age homes

Old age homes like old age homes in Kottayam provide older people with quality life and healthy living under the following consideration:

  • A Safe and Secure living condition
  • Scholarly Incitement
  • Regulated Nutrition
  • Open doors for Social Movement

Senior people are in the constant company of people their age. Sometimes children are away from home for their career choices. Parents feel alone and that can cause depression and stress. Caregivers at old age homes try their best not to give a feeling of abandonment and experience loneliness.

Older people desire a life with dignity, good health, economic independence and peaceful death at the end. They long for love, care, and affection. It is crucial to understand their needs to ensure their good health. Lending emotional support helps keep them jovial, which is inevitably the best way to live a healthy life.

Old Age Home

If you cannot provide enough attention and care to elders at home due to work priorities, you can contact luxury old age homes in Kerala.

They specialize in elder care in the recluse of their own homes. Following are the details of the efficient and caring services.

  • Wheelchairs and walker enabled spaces & ramps
  • Large lifts to put up stretchers
  • Higher electrical outlets and lower electrical switches
  • Bathrooms with wheelchair-accessible showers and adjustable height showerheads
  • Housekeeping and round the clock male and female attendant
  • User-friendly door handles for people with arthritis
  • 24 hrs manned gate with intercom and high boundary walls
  • CCTV and electronic surveillance for safety
  • Emergency button in all rooms and frequently occupied areas
  • Intensive rehabilitation program
  • 24×7 ambulance and attendant
  • Visiting doctors and specialists on call
  • Diet chart prepared by specialists
  • 24 hrs trained nurses round

A professional and competitive running organization promotes equity, adds value to your old age, and offers security to old age people and people with disabilities.

Old people suffer from cognitive challenges and undergo critical personality changes. At this helpless point of life, they need care and attention.

Most of them are gripped with purposelessness and over whelming feelings of dejection when left unattended.

They may become violent. Ageing is a natural progression with its shortcomings. People resort to an unruly approach by ignoring this fact.

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