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Service Marketing: What it is and why it matters

This is due in large part to the increasing importance and participation of service sectors in the economies of both developed and developing nations.

The country’s economic progress is often reflected in the growth of its service sector.

Economic history reveals that all countries in development have seen a shift from agriculture to industry, then to the services sector as the main source of their economy.

This has led to a change in the definitions of goods and services. They are no longer separated from services.


The services are becoming an integral part of the product. Service marketers need to be skilled in marketing strategies to create value for their customers even though they don’t have a tangible product.

Stay with us if you’re interested in learning more about Service Marketing.

What’s Service Marketing?

Service refers to the act of doing something in return for someone or something. How Does Marketing Help Your Product Or Service? It is largely immaterial (that’s, not material).

Marketing managers face a challenge when it comes to communicating the benefits of services by using more concrete images and ideas.

Origin of Service Marketing

Service marketing was first developed in the 1970s by academics who began to explain the differences between goods and services.

The exchange is now seen from an economic perspective. This is a change from the previous view that was not purely monetary.

Relationship marketing was redesigned to concentrate on customer interaction. This was a key concept in several theories of service marketing.

Service Marketing

This type of marketing makes it possible to live unforgettable experiences, as well as unpleasant ones. These are the ones we have for you.


It refers to the fact that can’t be reproduced in the same manner once it is produced.

It is not possible to store the service in your warehouse or your inventory.

This argument is interesting because once a flight takes off, that seat cannot be sold again. Therefore, the airline doesn’t make any profit.

The airline cannot afford to sell a seat during peak hours for a profit so it must pay the maximum price.


There will never be completely identical services because of human participation in service provision. Therefore, there is the element of variability.

If you go back to the same carwash repeatedly to have your car serviced, it could result in different customer satisfaction levels or quicker work.

You can watch your favorite band on DVD. However, if you see them live, you will not get the same experience.


Homogeneity is the fact that all services are generally the same (the reverse of the previous variability).

You can expect less homogeneity if you don’t choose to go with the big brands. Your doctor may give you a diagnosis. However, another doctor might offer a different opinion.

A regular hairdresser can give you a style. However, a stylist in another city may offer a different style.

Standardization is therefore largely implemented by large global brands that produce services.


It is at the point of consumption and the service provider.

A consumer can be involved in the manufacturing process of the product they are purchasing, while an eye test or makeover may also take place.

It is possible to tell your aesthetician if you are unhappy with the results of your makeover. This is not possible with a product.

Another characteristic is that services must be located near the person who uses them. This means that the goods can be produced in a central location with the benefits of mass production, but they will still reach the person.

This means that consumers cannot be separated from production.


Because it doesn’t have the same physical presence as a product.

Car insurance, for example, may come with a certificate but cannot be touched. It is intangible.

It is difficult to judge the quality of service before you consume it. You can consider quality in terms of search, experience, credibility.

Service Marketing

Service is key to customer satisfaction, regardless of whether you’re fighting for customers due to your competitor’s technology or because consumers have easy access to similar services.

Having an incredible product does not guarantee that you will have customers in the future. Your products and services are easily copied by others, so it is important to remember

You must focus on service marketing building your image and retaining customers to grow your business.

Repeat negotiations

You can expect to be rewarded for repeating the service plan you have created to reach your customers.

To effectively market your brand, you need to get the attention of your target audience.

Once you have them as customers, you need to make sure they are happy and continue to return. This type of marketing requires that you know your customers and their preferences so that you can find them whenever you can.

You will see a significant improvement in your business results if you don’t have to do remarketing for new clients.


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