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Safe Driving Tips To Avoid Road Accidents

Safe driving can save lives, not only yours but of others on the road as well. More and more drivers claim to have had some kind of mishap while driving, which has also increased the number of traffic accidents. Mostly, such situations occur because of the negligence of the driver. If you are in UAE and want a driver then you can also avail safe driver dubai service to have a safe journey.

To reduce these situations, in this article you will find a series of tips to achieve safe driving, which will largely prevent carelessness and/or accidents during your journeys on the road.

Effects of Carelessness While Driving

Before we move on to the tips you should know why it is necessary to follow the safety rules. The high numbers of traffic accidents remind us every day of the danger to which we are exposed when we drive on the highway. Whether due to carelessness, mechanical failure, or a simple twist of fate, we can all have an accident while driving to work or meeting.

However, it is proven that the chances of being part of a collision would be considerably reduced if the driver adopts safe driving measures and habits before, during, and after driving his vehicle. So, without further ado let’s get started.

Safe Driving Tips

Listed below are the tips to follow:

Adjust Driving Position

Adopt a driving position that allows you to reach the steering wheel and the brake, clutch, and accelerator pedals well so that you can react to the unexpected. The more comfortable you feel, the fewer distractions you have to take your focus off the road.

Keep A Safe Distance

Keep your distance, this will allow you to stop the vehicle without complications in an emergency situation or maintain evasive actions in case the vehicles around you perform reckless or absent-minded actions.

Avoid Unnecessary Aggression

If a car cuts you off or tries to pick a confrontation with you, avoid it. See if the vehicle is hit or damaged, that will give you an idea if it is a violent driver. Remember, you are responsible for what happens while you drive, it is not worth getting involved in a senseless aggressive situation. You could end up hurt, hurting someone else, or in jail.

Stay Alert For Uncertain Situations

For safe driving ensure security before everything. Keep both hands on the steering wheel at all times in the 3 and 9 o’clock positions, this facilitates the execution of emergency maneuvers. Before starting the vehicle, never forget to fasten your seat belt.

Adjust Your Mirrors

Position your rearview mirrors well to reduce blind spots. The greater the visibility, the greater awareness of the risks or situations that occur around you while you drive.

Know Your Vehicle Limitations

Know the limits of your vehicle. If you drive a car with few or no safety features try to stay as risk-free as possible, definitely don’t risk driving above speed limits.

Do Regular Maintenance

Regularly do preventive and corrective maintenance of your car. Obey traffic signs. Avoid the use of phones and electronic devices when you are driving. Remember, it’s not just dangerous, distracted driving is punishable in many countries.

Avoid Driving In Bad Weather

To ensure safe driving avoid driving at night or in bad weather conditions (rain or fog). Drive at the advised speed limit. It is the best decision you can make when driving. Relax, focus and try to enjoy the ride, nothing is as important as risking your life driving at high speeds.

Respect Other Rights

Respect other road users (pedestrians, motorcyclists, and cyclists). These types of users are more fragile and could be seriously injured by coming into contact with your vehicle.


We hope that you follow these safe driving tips and save yourself from any mishaps. Safety comes first before everything. If you are traveling in some other country like UAE, since the driving rules are a bit different, so we advise you to avail Safer Driver Dubai service to enjoy your time and not worry about anything.

If you avail such services then you’ll be safe as they have professional drivers to cater all your driving needs. These services are very convenient to use and are affordable as well. This will help you enjoy your time and focus on other things.

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