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Sabja Seeds Benefits, Use, And Side Effects

Sabja seeds also go by the name of tukmaria or basil seeds. These tiny seeds are black and look very similar to chia seeds. The Sabja seeds benefits for health are pretty vast. They basically belong to India, and that is why they are often confused with holy basil or Tulsi. However, they are much different from holy basil. Sabja seeds contain a high protein content with carbs, essential fats and are jam packed with fiber. Surprisingly, they are a boon for weight loss as they have absolutely no calories.

Sabja seeds have a tough covering, so one cannot consume them in raw form. Therefore, for their smooth consumption, soak them in water for a few hours. When they become slightly gelatinous, they are ready for oral consumption. Sabja seeds typically belong to the family of sweet basil, i.e., Ocimum basilicum, a popular seasoning ingredient. This is why they are also referred to as sweet basil seeds. 

After this brief introduction of Sabja seeds, it’s time to break its most prominent health benefit: advancement of weight loss. Along with its efficacy for weight loss, this article will also discuss other health benefits of Sabja seeds and their side effects. 

Sabja Seeds And Weight Loss

Sabja seeds hold great significance among ayurvedic medicines as a remedy for several ailments such as high blood pressure, metabolic issues, cholesterol, diabetes, and even depression. A recent finding has revealed that these seeds can help keep you fuller for longer and avoid unwanted munching. Sabja seeds or Basil seeds have recently gained immense popularity, especially regarding weight loss, because of steady and reliable scientific evidence. 

Sabja seeds swell up and discharge digestive enzymes when you soak them for a few hours in the water. When you orally consume them, these digestive enzymes satiate your appetite and keep you away from cravings. In addition, Basil seeds are jam packed with fiber, which helps you stay fuller for longer and ultimately prevents you from overeating when you have your meals.

Sabja seeds contain a decent amount of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, and phosphorus, along with other beneficial multivitamins. Also, these nutrient-dense seeds also hold a generous reserve for alpha-linolenic acid, which further facilitates the fat-burning process. 

The Right Way to Consume Sabja Seeds For Weight Loss 

As already mentioned, Sabja seeds are stuffed with vital nutrients, and consuming soaked Sabja seeds is one of the best methods to lose weight without lacking the nutrition that your body needs. Properly soaked and soft Sabja seeds are most effective for weight loss. The water-soaked seeds are translucent and easy to chew. Take two tablespoons of Sabja seeds, and soak them in warm water for 15-30 minutes. Once they become soft, consume them orally. You can also sprinkle some of them on top of your soups, curries, or salad or mix them with smoothies or other beverages of your choice. 

Other Health Benefits of Sabja Seeds

Apart from Ayurveda, the health benefits of Sabja seeds have been catching the pace of popularity in modern medicine as well. Below given are some of the notable health benefits of Sabja seeds- 

1. May regulate blood sugar levels- 

Regular consumption of Sabja seeds may regulate your body’s metabolic activity and reduce the pace of converting carbs into glucose. Therefore, these tiny seeds might help people with type 2 diabetes.

2. Detoxifies the body- 

Sabja seeds can naturally detoxify the body as they may control bowel movement. They also have a volatile oil that acts as a stomach cleanser and helps get rid of gas stuck in the gastrointestinal tract.

3. May help against acid reflux- 

Sabja seeds help neutralize the rise of acid in the body. Thus, it can offer relief from acidity and heartburn. The reason behind this advantage is the soothing effect that Sabja seeds deliver to the stomach lining. 

4. May improve skin and hair- 

You can witness benefits for Sabja Seeds for skin by applying a mixture of Sabja seeds powder and coconut oil on the affected area. This remedy may also treat skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. In addition, it can boost collagen production that may further improve skin texture.

Sabja seeds are filled with iron, protein, and vitamin K, all beneficial for maintaining healthy and strong hair. Along with such essential nutrients, the antioxidant properties of Sabja seeds may also benefit your skin and hair.

5. May treat common cold- 

This health benefit of Sabja seeds owes allegiance to its antispasmodic property. These tiny seeds can relieve spasmodic muscles and offer a soothing effect. The antispasmodic properties also help overcome seasonal cough and strengthen overall immunity. In addition, Sabja seeds are a rich source of key minerals essential for your body to sustain good health.

Side Effects of Sabja Seeds 

Sabja seeds are mostly safe for consumption; however, people who take medicines for some pre-existing ailment should stay careful as these seeds may react with other medications. So, a prior nod from a healthcare provider or a nutritionist is vital in any such case.

Also, moderate consumption of Sabja seeds may pose no threat to health. However, its overdose may cause some side effects. The daily recommended dose is a single tablespoon, but it might vary depending upon the different health and fitness levels of people. The side effects of an overdose of Sabja seeds can be nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, acid reflux, headache, low blood pressure, abdomen pain, etc. 

Most healthcare providers do not allow pregnant women and children to consume Sabja seeds. Because it tends to reduce estrogen levels in the body, its consumption is harmful to pregnant ladies. Children may choke on the seeds if they are not properly soaked. Therefore it is not recommended for children as well. 


Sabja seeds or basil are known for multipurpose health benefits. Along with adding value to your daily lifestyle and fitness, they also help you improve your skin and hair. All you need to ensure is the right method of consuming Sabja seeds. Also, to eliminate the risk of unfortunate side effects, seek the advice of your medical healthcare provider before adding Sabja seeds to your diet.

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