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Roof painting basics you need to know right now

You have painted every room of your home, exterior walls of your home, you might have also painted your back deck, but what remains negligible is your roof. Some might think that paints don’t belong to the roof and that there is no point in painting your roof as no one can even see it, but the fact is painting your roof can be beneficial for you in several ways. We have come up with a few things about roof painting. Let’s start with the advantages

Advantages of roof painting

Many might know but some might not that painting your roof brings nothing but advantages for your home. A few of those advantages are described below.

Increases the longevity of your roof

Roof paints add a protective shield to the base material of the roof. Paints prevent harmful elements like moisture, debris, and harmful rays from damaging the roof material directly and for this reason, the lifespan of the roof lasts much longer. When the paint starts wearing down, you can simply repaint your roof instead of spending money on replacing or repairing it.

Reduces your energy bill

Roof painting not only increases the longevity of your roof but also lowers your energy bill. How? The paint on the roof acts as an extra shield of insulation to the house. This keeps the temperature of your interior house at a comfortable level, by keeping heat and cold out of the house. 

As a result, there is no need to run HVAC systems often and for long hours. You can also paint the colour of your roof with heat-reflecting colours. It will keep your home cooler without spending money on the air conditioner.

Prevents leak formation

If your roof starts leaking, then it can cost you hundreds of dollars. It can also incur hundred-dollar damages further. Replacing or repairing the roof can be difficult and expensive especially when the water sweeps through the walls of your house and spreads to the entire house. Proper roof painting prevents the moisture from accumulating on the roof which also prevents degrading, rotting or moulding.

How do you know it’s time to paint your roof?

In this busy life, you don’t spend time staring at your roof knowing the time of repainting your roof. There are a few tips that will help you with the timing of roof repainting.

Your roof has not been painted for many years

If you have not painted your roof for the last 10 years, then be sure that it’s time for your roof repaint. Roof Paint does not last longer than 10-12 years. Though the longevity of roof painting also depends on the type of paint. A maximum of 15 years interval can be given between the paint coating. Roof painters in Auckland will paint your roof in a way that you don’t need to paint your roof often.

Roof painting might seem easy but it’s a risky and difficult task. Never try to do it alone, as you aren’t experienced. Proper professionals with paint your roof perfectly


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