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QuickBooks Error 6190: An Exceptional Technical Guide

QuickBooks Error 6190: An Exceptional Technical Guide

QuickBooks has gained the trust of thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises all over the globe due to its cutting-edge features and tools that significantly improve overall efficiency.

Unfortunately, this versatile accounting application is not free from errors, and most of the technical issues, such as QuickBooks Error 6190, are associated with the company file.

This particular error mostly arises when some other user on the network is trying to access the company file (.QBW file extension) in single-user mode, and it is often troublesome to correctly locate the exact cause of this issue.

This informative article has been developed to equip you with some great solutions to eradicate this error.

If you want reliable guidance from a qualified technical expert regarding QuickBooks Error 6190, simply dial 1-855-856-0042 to contact our QB Technical Support Team.

Symptoms through Which You Can Diagnose Error Code 6190 in QuickBooks

You can easily detect Error Code 6190 in QuickBooks through the following symptoms:

  • The QB Desktop starts responding very slowly, and it may eventually crash on your computer.
  • Windows system accepts any keyboard or mouse inputs after much delay, and it may also freeze completely.
  • Other programs on the computer may not open correctly,and it is possible that the system shuts down abruptly.

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6190 Company File Error in QuickBooks: Principal Causes

The 6190 Company File Error in QuickBooks generally gets triggered on the user’s computer due to these root causes:

  • There are a set of configuration files in QB Desktop that assist the user in properly accessing the company file
  • and any corruption in them can cause great hindrances in opening the .QBW file.
  • If the path to the .QBW file exceeds 210 characters or if the company file itself has got damaged, then QB Error 6190 can arise when you try to access your chosen .QBW file.
  • Inadvertent deletion of some essential QB Desktop files and malware attacks on your system can also prompt this technical error.
  • Common glitches in the QB software program can also sometimes make this company file error occur on the user’s screen.

How to Completely Extirpate 6190 Company File Error Message in QB Desktop?

The following solutions have been recommended by technical specialists for swift elimination of 6190 Company File Error Message in QB Desktop:

Solution. 1: Ensure perfect execution of the QB File Doctor tool to ensure rapid extirpation of all existing company file problems


  • The next task is to ensure the proper installation of the tool hub, and you can do this by following all the steps that appear on the screen once you launch the ‘QuickBooksToolHub.exe’ file.
  • Swiftly go inside the QB Tool hub by opening it as soon as the installation process is completed, and then you have to locate and click on the tab that bears the name ‘Company File Issues’.
  • Now, straight away, jump to the ‘Run QuickBooks File Doctor’ tool, and once you strike on it, you will be able to load your company file by easily utilizing the ‘Browse and search’ option.
  • Immediately press the ‘Continue’ button to correctly type your QB admin credentials, and once you hit the ‘Next’ button, the QB File Doctor will start eradicating company file problems from your QB software.
  • Get the message that the QB File Doctor has finished its execution, you can proceed to successfully access the desired .QBW file on your network.

Solution 2: Easily stick a new name to .ND and .TLG files to ensure swift access to your .QBW file

  • It is well-known that .ND as well as .TLG files are appropriately saved in the company file folder, and hence you must jump to that folder to right-click on both these files in order to commence the renaming process.
  • You will now locate the ‘Rename’ option on the screen, and you must strike on it to suitably add the word ‘oldpagefile’ to the end of both files’ names as explained in this example: ‘comp_lap.qbw.nd.oldpagefile’ and ‘comp_lap.qbw.tlg.oldpagefile’.
  • You locate and tap on the ‘Enter’ key, both these newly-granted names on these files will be saved
  • and then you can easily log into your chosen company file after launching the QB software.

Solution 3: Bring your company file to some other location such as Windows Desktop to ensure prompt access to it

  • In order to successfully create a copy of the .QBW file, you must proceed to the folder where it is located, and then you just have to choose the ‘Copy’ option after right-clicking that file so that a fresh copy of the .QBW file is created on the system.
  • Now, proceed back to the Windows Desktop, and then you can swiftly paste this file by hitting the ‘Paste’ option just after you have right-clicked on the Desktop’s screen.
  • To start accessing the newly-pasted file present on the Windows Desktop, you just have to press and hold down the ‘Ctrl’ key while opening the QB application so that the ‘No Company Open’ window turns up on the system’s screen.
  • By jumping to the ‘Open or restore an existing company’ tab on the newly-opened window, you can successfully access the .QBW file that you have just pasted on the Desktop.

Solution. 4: Switch off all the QB processes from the Task Manager and then utilize the multi-user mode to access the .QBW file

  • Now, you just need to select each of the QuickBooks processes that are executing, like QBW32.EXE, qbupdate.exe, and QBDBMgr.exe, and then immediately hit the ‘End Task’ button to close these programs.
  • Thereafter, you can open up the QB software in multi-user mode to ensure successful access to the .QBW file.

The solutions that have been thoroughly elucidated in this article can easily eliminate the QuickBooks Error 6190 if they are utilized in the correct sequence. For more technical support, just dial 1-855-856-0042 to connect with our QB Technical Support Team.

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Hi, I am Allan Ramsay, a professional Data recovery Engineer, working with Quickbooks Pro Advisors as a consultant from the past five years in the USA. I am a specialized and trained Cloud consultant who helps a small and medium-sized entrepreneur to track & manage their company file and a database online at any time from anywhere. Contact me at +1-855-856-0042 for QuickBooks Cloud Hosting support and troubleshooting.

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