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Profession in Hair Industry

Hair profession

The hair profession is one of the most beneficial and lucrative professions around.  You don’t have to become a barber or hairdresser to work in the hair industry. There are highly paid hair careers that you may not have evaluated. Such as hair technicians, hair photographers, salon owners, etc.

Hair career/ hair profession you could choose

  1. Hairdresser
  2. Barber
  3. Salon owner
  4. Hair transplant surgeon
  5. Trichologist
  6. Hair photographer
  7. Hair model
  8. Hair artist
  9. SMT( scalp micro pigmentation technician)


  1. Hairdresser

It is one of the hair industry’s top and most well-known professions. Hairdressers are also called b hair stylists. There is much more than cutting and styling hair. You can specialize in a particular area that interests you such as a color specialist.

Hairdressers perform a variety of tasks at the hair salons. Including:

  • Shampooing
  • Cutting
  • Styling
  • Coloring

For the hairdresser, it is necessary to have knowledge about all types of hair as well as different cuts and styles. Everyone must need a hairdresser at some point so, so the hairdresser always is in demand.

  1. Barber

It is both profession and passion. A barber is a person whose work is to cut, dress, and style men’s hair and beards. The job requires flexible hours and the job has the potential to make good money. You can be your own boss with 2this career. There are a lot of people who have built a long and successful career in barbing industry, in fact, it is a faster-growing profitable small business.

  1. Saloon owner

If you are a worker in the hair industry you might find yourself curious about the job of a salon owner. Or, you want to open your own place soon. This career does not require any qualification or knowledge. It just needs a passion for hair and some business knowledge.

You can hire experienced hairstylists, makeup artists, technicians, and more. This means you don’t necessarily need to have experience by yourself to open a saloon business. Hair saloons business are always in demand and can be profitable in both the hair color and hair care industry.

  1. Hair transplant surgeon

Hair transplants are the treatment option for the hair. It is a surgery in which the surgeon moves hair from hair filled section to the bald area.

Becoming a hair transplant surgeon requires a lot of experience and knowledge. Surgeons should have training in plastic surgery and in dermatology.

This can be an extremely fulfilling and rewarding field, as 147 million people have hair loss problems and you would be able to support them with that.  Now, hair transplant surgery is more popular than ever before. In fact, one report predicts that the hair transplant industry will reach a value of nearly $24 billion by 2024.

  1. Trichologist

Trichologist is a specialist who studied trichology. It is the study of diseases and problems related to the hair scalp. In this role, you will search the disease that can affect human hair and scalp.

Trichologists can see clients in their own homes, in client’s homes, or in offices. Clients will come to you to discuss their problems, which can be dandruff and itchiness to hair loss

It is important for the Trichologist to must have knowledge about

  • Special hair care products
  • Scalp recoloring treatments
  • Scalp massage
  • Electrotherapy
  • Ultra-violet therapy
  • Nutritional supplements


Becoming a Trichologist requires less training than a hair transplant surgeon, training can be completed in a year or less.

  1. The Hair photographer

Being a photographer is a very profitable and glamorous profession. A hair photographer allows people to channel their passion for hair and beauty into a swSWcareer. A lot of people are inspired by this profession.

In this profession, you can work for salons, hair stylists, models, hair care brands, and for fashion designers. It is a highly paid passion. It is important to have photography skills for this career.

  1. Models in Hair Niche

Models work with photographers, hairstylists, fashion designers, hair care brands, and magazines to physically promote the latest products and styles. In this profession, it does not matter whether you are blonde, brunette, or red-headed you can easily become a hair model for hair shows and hair modeling.

To become a hair model does not require any qualification. Models must have healthy, attractive hair and a willingness to try a different style.

  1. Hair artist

Being a hair artist means helping clients to get ready for special activities and occasions which include weddings, photoshoots, professional headshots, and even red carpet occasions.


This work may be completed in a selection of locations, including customers’ houses, on a photo shoot set, or backstage on an occasion. Being a hair artist includes travels, so it may no longer be for you if you like to work in a single place, or if you don’t have a car.


Being a hair artist you must have knowledge of formal hairstyles and trends, and the potential to match a hairstyle with an outfit.

  1. Scalp micro pigmentation technician (SMT)

Scalp micro pigmentation is popularly known as SMP. It is one of the famous and newest non-medical solutions against hair loss.

“SMT means depositing pigments into the skin on the scalp”.

If you are an expert hairstylist and have completed all the required training and testing you can learn SMT within a week and then start working as a skilled SMP or start your own business.

“SMT is a procedure that creates the phantasm of a fuller head of hair by means of implementing pigments into one’s scalp”.


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