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Performance Optimization Techniques in Angular

Building an application using Angular is an overwhelming task for most developers. Some Common Performance problems are unnecessary targeting, Slow HTTP requests, Slow Page Load, and unnecessary data. All these are some of the common performance problems in Angular.

Every developer came across these issues. All these issues somewhere affect the application performance. Resulting in the slow application/Software. Although, all the issues can be solved using a suitable method.

Angular performance optimization

Any problem in angular can be solved using the proper steps. In general, to optimize the performance you can follow the below steps :

  • Identify the problem
  • Find the possible solution
  • Apply the method

Well, performance optimization isn’t as simple as it seems. Finding the problem will not solve the issue, you have to look for tips to optimize.

We are going to discuss the common Tips to optimize angular performance. We are an Angular development company.

Without wasting your time. Let’s dive right in!

Use trackBy option for *ngFor directive

Mainly, trackBy refreshes the DOM Element without refreshing the entire dom. And secondly, it’s used to track the added or deleted element in Angular.

On the other hand, ngFor changes the DOM layout by addition or deletion of DOM element. These types of directives are known as Subjective directives.

As you can see, trackBy refreshes the particular element of DOM while ngFor alerts the entire DOM. Refreshing a particular element of DOM will take less time than refreshing the whole DOM. Instead of recreating the DOM , only refresh the particular element. The performance will increase as a by-product. Use these tips to optimize angular performance.

htaccess file

.htaccess file is a file that manages the configuration of the website. In simple terms, the htaccess file complies with all the code elements in the single. Developers can access the directory through the .htaccess.

htaccess file is read by the Apache web servers. As per the function of the file, placement of the htaccess file improves the performance optimization of Angular.
So, what’s the best location to place the htaccess file?

Ideally, htaccess file should be placed in the document root folder so that the file is easily readable by Apache Servers. Another optimization technique is adding essential elements in your htaccess file. Below is the list of all the essential elements :

  • Mod_expires
  • Mod_headers
  • Mod_deflate
  • Mod_gzip

Use Pure Pipes

In Angular, there are two types of pipes: pure and impure. Pure Pipes only act when there is a change in the value of the input. For example, strings, Boolean, Numbers, Strings, Data, Array, or Object.

In contrast, impure pipes change the cycle without any specific change in values. They work on every detected change. Thus, pure pipes are more efficient in their functions.

Using pure pipes improves the Angular performance optimization. Pure Pipes work only when necessary. Also, pure pipes increase the readability of the code. Thus, resulting in better application performance software.

AOT ( Ahead-of-Time) Compilation

One of the best tips for optimizing angular performance is AOT ( Ahead-Of-Time) Compilation. AOT is a compiler that converts higher-end programming into lower-end programming. The process of conversion occurs before the execution of code.

For instance, HTML and typescript code is converted into Javascript. The compilation occurs before the browser downloads and runs the code.

AOT optimizes performance in countless ways, We made the list of some of them. Fast rendering, Fewer HTTP requests, and early detection of errors. The use of an efficient compiler also reduces run time and execution time.

JIT Just-in-Time Compilation

Compilers are to optimize performance. JIT functions in a way that reduces the run time and execution time. Let’s see how.

Jit(Just-in-Time ) Compilation is the type of compilation that occurs during run time. The Bytecode is converted into native machine code during the run time. In Contrast, compilation occurs before the execution.

JIT has other benefits. Advantages of using Page Optimisation are :

  • JIT requires less memory usage,
  • page faults are easy to remove,
  • code optimization while code is running.

To sum up, JIT improves performance and makes the process easier for developers.

ChangeDetectionStrategy- OnPush

One of the everyday uses of ChangeDetectionStrategy -OnPush is performance optimization. OnPush optimizes the performance when it’s loading on the client’s end. Let’s see how exactly the strategy works.

The defaultt setting is always set to “CheckAlways” during Hyrdartion. In the OnPush method, the change detector’s mode is set to CheckOnce during Hydration. Hydration has defined the conversion of client-side Javascript to static HTML.

“CheckOnce” operation will reduce the conversion time and loading timing.

Lazy Loading

Lazy Loading is used to optimize the extensive angular application. By using Lazy, Loading developers reduce the loading and rendering time. Wondering what lazy loading is?

In an angular project, many elements and components are added. Just say there are four components in an application. Whenever the application is loaded, all the components will start to load. But, lazy loading eliminates the loading of not required elements. Yes. Only necessary elements are going to be loaded.

You can put in place Lazy Loading by creating modules. Keep all the stuff in separate modules. Only the root page is loaded when the application starts, while others will only load when requested. Don’t forget to use the tips to optimize angular performance.

Wrapping Up

We discussed all the popular Angular performance optimization methods in the post. We brainstorm each method by digging into how the performance is optimized. And also, what are the primary functions of every element? Follow the tips to optimize angular performance. Besides, knowing all the facts and figures, things may go wrong. Be mindful in developmental stages.

Angular performance optimization is a complex task. It requires knowledge and experience to build applications in angular. Are you looking for Angular developers? We are an Angular development company. We provide efficient solutions to all the On-Demand Software/Applications. Contact us!

Manish Vyas

Manish Vyas is the creative Front-end team lead at Peerbits, a mobile app development company known to provide result-driven end-to-end IT solutions to various industries across the globe. His creative mindset, innovative thoughts, and leadership skills in handling the more complex problems and continuing to find ways to maximize user experience have helped Peerbits see consistent growth.

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