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Online Quran Classes With Female Tutors for Kids and Women

Online Quran Classes With Female Tutors for Kids and Women

Has your child recently expressed interest in learning the Quran? If yes, one of the most important things that you should consider as a parent is the type of tutor who will teach your child. Not everybody will like to have a male teacher to guide them. Some kids or women would be more comfortable with female tutors.

In that case, it is wiser to choose an online Quran female teacher for your child or yourself.

This article offers guidance for those who are looking to learn Quran online with the help of a female teacher.

Why Choose a Female Quran Tutor?

Female Quran teachers are great for your children if they find it difficult to communicate. They may be shy to ask doubts if the teacher is not friendly.

But with online Quran female teachers, only the kindest and the most approachable ones are selected to tutor kids in online academies.

Most online Quran classes are equipped with female teachers who are highly qualified and professionally trained. They will ensure that your child receives the best kind of support throughout their learning journey.

It is also comfortable for young girls to be guided by female tutors since they may be more comfortable with them.

Kids will also be more motivated to come to class due to the motherly nature of female tutors. They will make the learning process smoother and easier for the child to memorise and recite the Quran in the shortest time possible.

Qualities to Look for in Female Quran Tutors

1. Patience and Understanding

An online Quran female teacher should be patient and kind with the student. They should allow the student to take his or her own time to understand and learn Quran online as different students have different learning capabilities.

A female tutor should be understanding of the student’s capability and accordingly be patient with them so that they can take in the knowledge at their own ease.

2. Experience and Qualification

The teacher should be experienced enough to provide Quran lessons to students using the right methods. You should look for a female Quran tutor who has the required qualifications while looking to learn Quran online.

Enough qualifications would ensure that only the right kind of knowledge reaches the students using the easiest techniques.

An experienced online Quran female teacher will also be able to understand the students better to teach them in better ways.

3. Excellent Communication Skills

An online Quran female teacher must be proficient in the language that they are using to communicate to their students.

Excellent communication skills are required so that the doubts of students are cleared well before moving to the next phase of learning.

Not only will they be able to clear doubts and monitor the students well, they will also convey ideas of the religious text in the best way.

4. Professional Approach to Students

An online Quran female teacher will take up a professional approach while tutoring her students. Even while being kind and friendly, they will still be professional in taking Quran and Tajweed classes.

Hence,  students will not have to worry about the way in which classes are taught. There will be right balance of strictness and compassion when it comes to female teachers.

Top 3 Online Quran Classes in the UK with Female Teachers

1. LiveQuran

LiveQuran is UK’s leading online Quran learning institute. They are preferred by most Muslims in the UK due to a variety of reasons.

They offer one on one live sessions with teachers who will be fully attentive to the student so that they get maximum benefits from the class.

The student is also free to choose the most accessible and easiest schedule to learn Quran online. They can choose their own timings as to when the classes should be conducted.

LiveQuran also offers the expertise of qualified teachers, both male and female. There are more than 400 professional tutors who cater to the needs of more than 1500 students.

LiveQuran offers Quran learning for kids, online tajweed courses, Islamic studies, Quran memorization courses and Arabic classes.

2. AlimLive

AlimLive Is a popular online Quran institute in the UK that offers online classes in Quran memorization, Islamic studies, Arabic courses, tajweed courses, etc.

They have more than 10 years of experience in offering online Quran teaching services.

They only choose Ijazah holders as teachers so that you get access to well trained and qualified tutors. The institute offers classes with both male and female teachers who you can choose according to your comfort.

They have female Quran teachers From Egypt who can speak Arabic to help you or your children learn to recite the Quran easily.

3. QuranHost

If you are a woman based  in the UK, USA , or Canada, and wish to learn the Quran, QuranHost is your number one choice.

They have dedicated and punctual female Quran teachers who make classes lively and interactive.

The teachers are from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan etc. and are  holders of Quran memorization certificate.

They  are graduates from reputed Islamic universities and are fluent in languages like English, Arabic, and Urdu with excellent communication skills.

They offer classes in Quran reading, Qaida Noorania, Quran Hifz, Tafseer, Quran hifz, Ijazah, etc.

Final Thoughts

An online Quran female teacher attends to the needs of the students and guides them throughout their learning process.

They help you with any kind of difficulties that you face while learning to recite the Quran.

If you are looking for classes for kids, make sure to ask them what kind of a teacher they would want and who they will be comfortable with. Let them know of the benefits that come with a female teacher and allow them to choose for themselves.

Take a look at the online institutes that we have mentioned before, and visit their websites to see the kind of classes they offer to learn Quran online.

Do not forget to read the reviews and sign up for a demo class before you register your child or yourself as a student.

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