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Online Business Ideas To Start With Shopify

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In this day and age, starting a business from the comfort of your home is just a matter of a few clicks. Everyone, right from full-time parents to avid travelers, can run business with a powerful online business ideas. All it needs is hard work to set up your store. But once set up, it liberates you from further hassles.

Choosing online business ideas has many perks associated with it. Launching a business from your own home reduces the enormous overheads of a brick-and-mortar shop. It also throws your business in front of global customers, giving you considerable growth opportunities.

The only hurdle to starting an online business is finding the right platform and idea. Here, we have compiled a list of business ideas you can begin with Shopify — a global e-commerce company providing tools and solutions to start, grow, and manage your business online.

Here are what business ideas you can start with Shopify:

Create your own clothing line

If you already have your Shopify store in place, you can start your own clothing line with the help of Printful, Printify, or any other product-sourcing application. Each app automatically links your Shopify store to clothing manufacturers and printers. The best thing is that you don’t have to handle the retail fulfillment process as they look after it for you. So, it gives you the freedom to create and deliver a wide range of clothing pieces. 

Why should you start your clothing line?

It feels nice to create products that people will use daily. As soon as your Shopify store is set up, you can start selling. With the advent of POD (Print-on-Demand) services, designing and shipping processes have been simplified. You can print only when an order is placed. There is no need to stock up inventory in advance as well.

Also, you will find it inspiring to see your designs becoming genuine and profitable.

Sell your art online

If you are a painter, musician, or photographer, you can start your own business and start selling your art online. Again Printful and Printify help you leverage your photography or painting specialty into tangible art like framed posters, canvases, etc. In the case of music, you can sell songs, beats, samples, and more.

You can take the example of The Drum Broker. It’s the largest drum sample platform in the world. It built a successful business model using FetchApp and ShipStation apps.

Why should you sell your art online?

Your artwork will become a part of customers’ lives by selling it online. You can set up your online shop and showcase all your artworks in one place. Plus, selling online gives you a chance to turn your passion into profitable revenue streams.

Start teaching an online course

Did you know by 2025, the worldwide e-learning market will be worth $325 billion? After 2020, the online education sector has taken a tremendous turn. You can leverage this opportunity by teaching an online course. It would be a low-cost business idea for making passive income. It requires putting together an explainer video and hosting it on your own site.

It needs you to put in your best effort. However, if you succeed in designing valuable video tutorial series, it will start yielding money for you as people will flock for enrollment.

But before you start your first online course, choose a topic that you are well versed in. You can teach anything such as social media marketing, music production, regular school subjects, web development, and more.

Once you finalize the course you’d be teaching, it’s time to take the help of a video editing application to shoot and edit your videos. Once done, make them live on your choice of platform.

Why should you choose online teaching?

You can utilize your knowledge in the best way possible by shooting and sharing videos. Since students across the world are searching for various online courses, you may attract them to the same course you know about!

It’s low-cost and teaching somebody what you already know is rewarding. So while you’ll be making money out of your online teaching, it will also give you a sense of satisfaction for helping others.

Become a freelance designer, developer, or writer

Graphic designers, developers, and writers can also kick off their low-investment freelance business by leveraging their talents. If you are a designer, developer, or writer, you can effectively use your skills by helping people with their projects. While you can put your skills to good use, you can earn money side-by-side!

Freelancing doesn’t mean you have to work for months on projects. But it means you are free to choose any small task that fits your timetable, such as designing a business logo, writing a product description, developing an app, etc. If you want to list yourself as a freelancer, you can use marketplaces like Designhill, Fiverr, and Upwork.

But if you want total control over prices or work, you can build a Shopify store. This platform lets you list your services and do the needful customization. You can disable shipping since you won’t be sending any physical products to your customers. You can also use BookThatApp and Events Calendar to help your customers schedule appointments. Besides, you can also use OptiMonk to create attractive popups for your offerings.

Why should you freelance?

Freelancing helps you choose the projects you like and work according to your schedule. You’ll be your own boss. You can work from the comfort of your home without stepping outside. When you get paid for something you are good at, you feel empowered. It also helps you build your portfolio, and people worldwide start recognizing your work.

Build your own apps and websites

Are you tech-savvy? If yes, you can make most of your coding skills to build mobile apps, Shopify apps, and websites. For example, you can consider creating a Shopify theme template design that you can sell to merchants who need something affordable for their website. You can also work with clients to build apps/websites and customize them to their specific needs.

Why should you build apps and websites?

Technology keeps transforming, and it is here to stay. Demand for technical skills related to apps and websites is growing day by day. There is no dearth of platforms and systems to learn from!


So, if you have been thinking about starting your own business with Shopify, it’s time to give wings to your dream. You don’t need a hefty amount of money to get started. Instead, start it as a side hustle and keep going step by step. Once you start achieving the small goals, you can think of making your business full-fledged.

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