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Offline vs online games

In the modern world, it is a common habit to spend your free time in front of a monitor screen or board games, playing offline or online games with your friends. This habit is especially evident in the teenage generation. Of course, many people will say that this is a waste of time, that it develops cruelty and such things. But why in our time more and more people sit down at the computer to start the game?

First of all, by playing an online game, you can make a lot of friends in an environment unusual for our world (when completing quests, for example). This is very helpful for those people who are closed or fixated on themselves.

Just like they say on DMA Game, these games help to develop the imagination. The beauty of landscapes, the terrifying appearance of the monster – these are quite large works of artists. Computer game developers are currently working to make their games as realistic as possible, and this goes for both the aesthetics and the actual gameplay mechanism. Nearly all aspects of actual life are included in the games, including food, friendship, rivalry, love, children, clothing, and even pets. Regular RPG gamers have been seen to frequently experience lucid dreams.

Some may think games are dumbing you down, but are they really? You must think clearly if you want to improve as a player. To succeed in such online methods, you must consider both your own moves and the actions of your opponents.

The possibility of making money playing computer games is a significant benefit. Yes, the esports phenomenon has raised the interest of all players. All sorts of gaming tournaments with cash rewards have enough popularity in the world. But not only tournaments can serve as a method of earning. It is enough to look at famous bloggers who make money on the fact that other people just look at how these same bloggers play something.

Now for the cons. The main disadvantage, of course, is the loss of a large amount of time. There is no ultimate goal in online games, no matter how developed the game character is, he can become even stronger (it must be added: to get a strong enough character, you will have to invest more than one month), no matter how powerful the enemy is, there will always be another one, stronger than the previous one. Thus, the player is simply lost in the game itself, leaving their mind in a virtual world that leads nowhere.

The next disadvantage may be the players themselves, their desire to win very often borders on aggression, so while playing, you can hear a lot of well-known obscene words and messages, which slightly jars the feeling of the gameplay.

It should also be said about the waste of money. In order to get a big advantage over others, some players invest real money in this or that game. Sometimes the game itself forces this, because the developers also need to live on something, so they lure the player with promises to quickly strengthen the character to complete difficult tasks or the like.

Players should therefore learn to understand the metric and identify the appropriate stopping points. After all, if something is used correctly, it can be very useful.

It was time to try out expensive offline MTTs, and then a fiasco awaited me. 20, 30 and more tournaments with almost no money, and this with a much weaker level of opponents. By the way, I’m not alone – a lot of well-known online players either couldn’t switch to offline at all, or it took them a very long time to do so. So what’s the deal? What differences prevent weak offline fields from beating?


A much smaller number of hands per hour is played offline. After half an hour or an hour of throwing cards, an inner voice began to repeat that I was too tight, that it was time to make a move. It is very hard to get used to throwing cards into the fold for 3-4 hours – this is normal.


In large offline tournaments, the structure is many times better than in any online tournament. Taking into account the weak-medium level of players, it is often more profitable to play tighter here than online.


The most important difference, in my opinion. All good players teach us to think in terms of ranges, not specific opponent cards. Offline, this is not entirely true. Against good players who can balance their range, this is certainly sound advice, but there are too many players in live poker against whom you can narrow your range down to one particular hand.

Over the past year, online tournaments have appeared with a structure no worse than any offline tournaments, most online pros have begun to play offline, so the line between online and offline is gradually blurring, but so far these are still two completely different games

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