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Node JS or Angular JS- Most Suitable For Web App Development

Node JS and Angular JS both are the most widely used server-side programming JavaScript frameworks to develop business websites and web applications.

JavaScript is the most popular programming language helping web development enterprises to land more success. It has evolved from a simple client-side programming language to an extremely powerful programming language. It can serve both client-side and server-side applications.

Node Js and Angular JS are two of the frameworks that have gained popularity. Thousands of developers are using it to build web applications. Also, both  are incredibly powerful in helping businesses in creating interactive, feature-rich, cross-platform web applications.

Let’s dive deeper and understand how Node Js and Angular JS help the web application development process.

What is Node.JS?

The Node.JS framework is an open-source cross-platform Javascript runtime environment framework. It allows developers to write server-side scripting code to build the backends of an application. In fact, it is one of the topmost frameworks with some top-notch features like a non-blocking I/O model, Event-Driven, etc for developing modern web applications. Additionally, it is built on the Google V8 Javascript Engine and has a rich library of modules that makes Node JS development simple and easy.

Node.js has been popular because of this framework. You can build an entire web application from scratch with the same programming language. It is most suitable for businesses that require real-time data-intensive web applications. This framework can support large file systems, streams, HTTP requests, child processes, and so on with less fuel.

What is Angular.JS?

Apart from Node.JS, Angular.Js has also gained popularity for being the Javascript framework. It is mainly used by developers all around the world to build intuitive web applications. It is an open-source web application that supports the Model-View-Whatever (MVW) architecture and its components.

MVW architecture allows the developers to build intuitive and interactive web application front-ends, making the web application more dynamic. It was developed by the developers at Google back in 2009. Since then is maintained by Google and a dedicated web developers community. You can easily use a tag and add AngularJS to an HTML page  which extends the HTML attributes with Directives and helps to bind that data with Expressions.


5 Key Differences Between Node.JS & Angular.JS Frameworks

Though Node.js and Angular.js are both built using the same programming language – Javascript, it constitutes a lot of differences. Here is a list of some of the major differences covered by us. This will help you make a quick decision as to which is most suitable for your web application.


Node.js framework is specifically designed for building the back-ends of the web applications using a server-side programming language (Javascript). It is used to write the business logic and employ Javascript to write command-line tools. It makes your web application more scalable and works best for real-time data-driven business web applications.

On the other hand, the Angular.js framework was created to design interactive and intuitive front-end web applications. They help in building structured web applications that are suitable and accessible on both browser and mobile devices. It is used to develop single-page applications and has been maintained by Google ever since it was developed.

Required Environment & Deployment Process

Node.js is a server-side programming language that has a Javascript runtime environment which makes it compulsory to install Node.js on your computer device or your system to work and build web applications.

Whereas with Angular.js, you do not need to install Angular.js in your device system to work seamlessly. It can simply be embedded in the code just like other Javascript files without installing any other external application.

Supported Programming Language

Node.js framework uses the primary programming language that is Javascript to build web applications but with this framework evolution, it can support other programming languages too when required like C, C++, Coffeescript, Typescript, Ruby, etc. It also supports non-blocking input/output API and event-driven architecture for further web application development.

Angular.js also uses Javascript as the basic and primary programming language to build web applications. But over time it has evolved enough to work seamlessly with other programming languages and its extensions using HTML tags, Dart, Typescript, etc for further application development.


Node.js is a back-end web application development framework that helps in building real-time data-driven scalable server-side applications. This helps you in building fast and scalable web applications for your target audience. It is an ideal framework for collaborative, editing, and drawing applications like Dropbox or Google Docs.

Whereas, Angular.js is the front-end Javascript framework allowing all developers and companies to build interactive web applications. It works minutely on developing the interface of the web app. This way you can create dynamic web applications for your target audience. You can streamline along with real-time chat apps to make your web application more interesting and engaging.

Preferred Working Structures

Node.js framework allows writing database queries in relational as well as non-relational databases like CouchDB and MongoDB. This makes the web development companies’ and developers’ jobs much easier. They can build web applications faster and scalable web applications from scratch.

On the other hand, Angular.js frameworks support two-way data binding because of the MVW architecture. Therefore, all the data on the web applications are synchronized automatically between the model and app view. However, the Angualr.js framework does support any feature to write database queries, unlike Node.js.



Node JS and Angular JS are both very popular and incredibly powerful open-source tools Javascript frameworks with enriched features. They are used to build server-side web applications for enterprises. Both have different implications and benefits. You need to choose the one that will best suit your business needs and fulfil your objectives in the long run.

If you find difficulties in choosing the best Javascript framework for your project, then connect with expert web developers from a leading web development company. They will help you accomplish your business goals.

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