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New Research Shows How Grocery Shopping Behavior Has Changed

Grocery shopping is not the same as it was a few years back. Consumers’ shopping behavior is also facing a tremendous change. Many statistical reports clearly prove that consumers prefer to embrace online grocery shopping than visiting the brick-and-mortar grocery store.

As the shopping methods have changed, supermarket ecommerce platforms have a bright future and assure better returns to entrepreneurs who step into this industry.

To succeed in this market, every entrepreneur should understand that retail consumers seek an omnichannel grocery shopping experience. 

Some fascinating grocery shopping stats

  • The size of the U.S. grocery market is huge, i.e., $785 billion, and around 65% of U.S. consumers have experienced online grocery shopping.
  • Millennials are the largest user groups who prefer online grocery shopping and Saturday is the most popular day that records the highest grocery shopping.
  • China holds the largest online grocery sale value in the world with $178 billion in revenue.

Incomparable Convenience Has Contributed More

Shopping online has the greatest advantage of offering better convenience to customers. 24/7 the grocery platform will be available and customers can select from a wide range of products and can place orders instantly even it is not a working hour. Delivering products at the doorstep is the best part as customers may not leave their house especially during the pandemic period.

People at age above 60 prefer to visit grocery stores in person as they find it more refreshing but the rest are comfortable with online grocery stores.

Better Loyalty Programs For Consumers

Online grocery platforms provide better discounts and have well-framed loyalty programs that easily attract consumers to buy products from their marketplace.

Compared with brick-and-mortar grocery stores, online grocery platforms have better plans to retain customers. Consumers can also earn by shopping with these platforms by just referring their friends and relatives and they will get referral points that can be converted into discounts in their future purchases they make with the grocery app.

Gain Omnichannel Shopping Experience

Users get several options of visiting the online grocery store. They can either visit them by entering their grocery website or can just download their grocery app on their mobile and access them or even can visit the platform through their social media pages and can order products.

Some online grocery platforms give both the experience of shopping online as well as offline. Consumers can order through their grocery app and can go in person to the grocery store and collect the orders. Consumers get all sorts of shopping experiences when they use online grocery platforms.

Simplified Checkout Process

64% of consumers have admitted that they have stopped shopping in physical grocery stores mainly because of the hectic checkout process. They need to wait in a long queue and should bill all their products and should pay them and receive an invoice then should check whether they have received all items properly and finally should leave the place.

This is not so when you shop in any of the online grocery stores. You can order many products and buy them in a single slot with just a few clicks. 

Excellent Customer Support

Consumers always want the grocery store to treat them in a better way. This is not possible all the time with a brick-and-mortar grocery store. Some grocery stores will be trained in customer handling and some may be fresher. Consumers find it difficult in communicating with them and make them understand what they want.

While shopping online, consumers feel more relaxed as they will be allowed to communicate directly with the vendor and can know more about the product that will avoid unwanted returns and refunds. Every grocery marketplace platform will have multiple communication channels integrated with it and so communication is very easy.

Live Order Tracking

Consumers show interest in using advanced technologies and the latest trends while they shop. There are multiple features available in the online grocery platform that will create a curiosity to access the platform and get hands-on with those new technologies. One such amazing feature is the real-time order tracking facility.

Consumers can track their orders from their smartphones and know the current status of their orders. This experience cannot be gained while shopping in a brick-and-mortar grocery store.


Multiple benefits offered by online grocery store platform have ultimately changed the buying behaviors of consumers. A better understanding of consumers’ preferences is the real reason behind the success of online grocery platforms. With the help of advanced analytics and reporting features, grocery platforms were able to gain control of consumers and can offer them more personalized services.

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