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Navigating to Flexible Work Culture with a Hybrid Job

Best Remote Jobs Article

Benefits and Challenges of Remote Jobs

If you have been working remotely for a long time due to the pandemic, or you like to have a changed routine with a mix of on-site and remote, flexible jobs with hybrid work culture is the best solution. 

There are some great benefits to hybrid work, as well as some challenges that can be overcome if you know to plan for them. 


  • A reduced commute lowering stress and saving time and money. 
  • Expense savings like commuting expenses, eating out, dry cleaning, and tax breaks. 
  • Improved productivity and adequate focus. 
  • Additional time for family, friends, caregiving, hobbies, self-care, travel, etc. 
  • A greener way with less fuel consumption. 
  • More time to maintain your physical and mental health. 
  • A safer work environment with lesser exposure to viruses. 
  • A wider job market to find jobs outside your geographic area. 


  • Feeling isolated working alone most of the time or making shifts for a different timetable. 
  • Limited physical activity 
  • Distractions while working at home like laundry, TV, neighbors, etc.
  • Technology troubleshooting 
  • Overwork at home like starting work too early and/or leaving work too late 

Are you an on-site, Remote, or a hybrid Person

Many people who have switched to a fully remote job during the pandemic, or have been regularly going to work before, have found that it can deliver fewer distractions than working at an office, reduce commute times, save money, and reduce stress. 

Here are some questions we recommend asking yourself to see if hybrid work is right for you.

  1. Are you fed up of fully remote or fully on-site job and need a balance for work and life?
  2. Are you a naturally self-motivated person who doesn’t require a lot of structure and guidance to be productive? 
  3. Do you know specifically what distracts you at work and how you can avoid those distractions? 
  4. Would you be okay working without seeing people in person? With roommates, kids, or live-in relatives, being capable of setting, and enforcing limits so you have adequate time to work alone? 
  5. Can you foresee yourself establishing healthy work and life boundaries? If you have children, do you have proper childcare, and do you understand that watching your children while working remotely is not advisable? 
  6. Are you able to clearly and effectively communicate over email, video calls, IM, and phone rather than face-to-face? 
  7. Will you be comfortable reaching out to other employees and your boss so you can stay in the loop and don’t miss out on opportunities for advancement?

Hybrid Job Market

There are over a dozen ways to describe a hybrid job that lets you work flexibly. Below is a list of ways we’ve seen companies describe these types of jobs. Most of these are synonyms, but each company chooses different wording so it’s important to be familiar with them all.

  • Flexible Job
  • Hybid Job
  • Patially Remote
  • Partially on-site
  • Work from anywhere
  • Distributed Team

Some remote jobs are a combination of at-home and in-office work. Pay close attention to job descriptions to discern which level of remote work is being offered for each job. 

Location for Flexible Jobs

Here are some of the most common reasons why flexible jobs require a specific geographical location:

  • Partially commute: You need to partially get your self available in the office for some days or week.
  • Training or meetings: Some companies prefer ongoing, on-site training or meetings to be done in person.
  • Legal: Companies may only conduct business in some locations due to licensing requirements or government regulations. 
  • Taxes: Companies may only collect or pay taxes, like sales or employment taxes, in some locations, like specific U.S. states. 
  • Professional licensing: Companies may hire for jobs requiring location based certifications or licenses, like teaching or nursing. 
  • Travel: Partially Remote jobs that require travel may need to be based near a certain airport or close to a company’s office to ease travel plans. 
  • Clients: Remote workers may need to be close to clients for in-person meetings, sales pitches, or troubleshooting. 

Preparing for a Flexible Work Culture

What describes the Flexibility of Work when it comes for a hybrid job that yu can say its partially remote full time. 

  • During Pandemic: Temporarily hybrid jobs that are only remote during the pandemic. 
  • Partial Remote Work: Hybrid jobs that include a mix of on-site and at-home work. 
  • Option for Remote Work: Hybrid jobs that can either be remote or can work from a designated office. 
  • Remote – Any Level: Remote jobs that include any of the above remote work levels. 

Skillset Required for Hybrid Job

The following skills are those that Hybrid companies repeatedly tell us are highly desirable. And almost anyone can master them, so whether or not you have previous flexible work experience, build and hone these skills and make sure to include them in your resumes and cover letters. 

It requires you to be kind of both, an on-site professional as well a Remote worker. 

  • Digital communication skills: excellent verbal and written communication through digital communication tools. 
  • Self-motivation and focus: the ability to motivate yourself to work hard every day. 
  • Time management, task management: understanding what your goals are every day and using time wisely to accomplish them. 
  • Proactive communication: being comfortable speaking up, asking questions, asking for more or less work, etc. 
  • Growth mindset: embracing change and learning on a regular basis. 
  • Comfort with technology, troubleshooting: using basic troubleshooting techniques for when the Wi-Fi goes out, your computer unexpectedly freezes, or you encounter other common remote work bumps in the road. 
  • Familiarity with remote communication tools: using effective digital communication techniques.

All the Kinds of jobs full-time and part-time or temporary fully under the category of a regular on-site job are a part of the remote and hybrid job. You may find several platforms for full-time jobs and also for fully remote jobs. It’s hard to find a hybrid job platform wherein you have the opportunity to find jobs from all sectors and kinds with a flexible work approach. Flexibrid is surely the premium platform for the hybrid and flexible job markets. Companies are encouraging a flexible work culture and hence we are helping everyone find just the right one near them.

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