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Must-Have Horse Riding Equipment for Starters

Horses are magnificent creatures. They are strong yet also fun to bond with once you get to know them better. They are not just for pets – you can also use them for farm work and even enjoy fun outdoor activities with them such as horseback riding.

For newbies in horse ownership, it may feel confusing which equipment is necessary to get you started in horse riding. There is plenty of brands and equipment to choose from that finding the basic ones may seem a daunting task. To help you out, here is a simple guide on the must-have horse riding equipment for your horse.


Horse Riding
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Saddle, Pad, and Girth

The saddle is one of the most important gears you’ll need if you want to go horse riding. This is designed to fit the back part of the horse, where the rider sits. To add some comfort to your horse’s back, you’ll also need a saddle pad to be placed under the saddle. It serves as a cushion to prevent the saddle from rubbing on the horse’s back causing discomfort. To keep the saddle in place, you’ll need a girth. It is a band that is attached to both ends of the saddle and goes around the horse’s belly to keep the saddle in its place.


The bridle is the equipment that is worn on the horse’s head. It serves as the main communication tool a rider uses in controlling the horse’s movements during the ride. It is connected with the reins and the bit for better control and guidance. The type of bridle, reins, and bit you’ll need depend on what type of horse riding you will do – whether it is for leisure or competition.


The stirrup serves as the base for your foot while riding a horse. The stirrup iron is a metal ring where you will place your feet during riding. It is then attached to the saddle with the stirrup leather. Aside from giving support to your feet during the ride, stirrup also makes it easier to mount your horse by providing a stable base where you could step on.

Horse Blanket

When you’re heading out with your horse, you’ll need to take a horse blanket with you in case your horse needs protection from cold or heat. The type of horse blanket you’ll need actually depends on the weather and climate you live in. There are different Caribu horse rugs available for all your horse’s needs – be sure to choose the one that fits your horse perfectly.

First Aid Kit

Lastly, you’ll need a well-stocked first aid kit when you’re going out for a ride with your horse. Injuries can happen to your horse at any time that’s why it is best if you have all the basic items needed to keep your stable while waiting for professional help.

With all those basic horse-riding equipment, you can surely have a smooth start in learning how to ride a horse. So don’t wait, Start from today now. Horse Riding

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