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Medical Malpractice Tort Laws

Medical Malpractice Tort Laws

Medical Malpractice Tort Laws

Medical malpractice happens when medical practitioner or a health care specialist acts in a negligent or misbehaving manner while performing medical treatments. Malpractice can occur either from taking an inappropriate action or by the failure of taking a medical action properly. Examples of medical malpractice include: failure to diagnose a disease, failure to provide proper treatment for a medical condition, and unreasonable delay in treating a diagnosis. crunchbase.com

The laws and rules governing malpractice lawsuits vary significantly in each state. In Washington D.C., the following are medical malpractice rules and laws. Malpractice damages limitation. The District of Columbia is not limited with regards to the damages in malpractice actions. Collateral source rule. Even if the plaintiff has compensation from his insurance or other sources, this cannot reduce the liability of the defendant.

Expert witnesses rule. To establish the governing standard of care in the states’ medical malpractice cases, there should be a testimony of expert witnesses. Joint and several liability. Under this rule of joint and several liability of the District of Columbia, if more than one individual is responsible for another person’s injury, each defendant is individually liable for the whole judgment amount. If one of them lacks the capabilities to pay, the others are the ones obligated to pay for the entire judgment amount.

Laws of limitations. Only within three years of the date of injury must medical malpractice actions be commenced. In the District of Columbia, the limitations period starts to apply on the minor’s legal age, eighteen.

Attorney fees limitations. There are no limits on attorney fees in the District of Columbia.

Additional rules. The District of Columbia established a law regarding contributory negligence– that a plaintiff will not be able to recover damages if it can be proven that he contributed to his own injury.

Medical Malpractice Insurance Disputes

Like all the other industries, various insurance Companies also cover Healthcare industry. Companies differ in the areas where medical malpractices are covered. However, these insurance Companies provide various guidelines and conditions to meet with, before the claim is examined and covered.

Medical Malpractice Insurance claims are examined and investigated, as to whether the claim is authentic before settling the claim amount to the claimant. Often these procedures are long and time consuming and sometimes after the whole process is completed, the claim is denied and no money is paid. Situations like this can eventually cause insurance disputes.

Insurance agents often tend to test whether the claim is true and hence disputes occur. In case they find out that the claim made, does not fall under the areas mentioned clearly in the policy opened by the customer, they refuse to pay the coverage amount. These areas again vary from one policy to other, depending on the premium paid for the Insurance. Thus, the claimant should be careful and keep in mind the conditions of the policy.

Insurance Amount Paid For Cases

In some cases, people try to take chances and get same Insurance amount paid for cases. Apart from the ones specified in the policy. In those cases. Disputes may arise and payment is held back. Also if the claimant incurs cost out of his pockets or causes damage due to reasons not related to medical malpractices. Insurance companies tend to deny the payments.

For all these reasons, before opening and finalizing a policy for a customer, Insurance agents thoroughly check all the medical records and health conditions of the Insured and judge the risk factors in getting that person Insured with them. According to these factors the insured’s premium amount is fixed. It is advisable that no information related to health aspects should be hidden in order to avoid disputes while putting forward a claim.

Several insurance companies have their online websites to gather information about their policies and coverage areas to choose from. However, it is important to compare and check premium rates, benefits and other policies and conditions, before opting for any one of them. Getting insured with a good and reliable company always helps in avoiding disputes.

Wholesale Medical Alert Systems

Wholesale, as the name suggests, refers to anything available in a large quantity. Medical alert systems are devices used by the elderly or diseased people. At the time of crisis, these people are equipped and can summon help by pressing a simple button. This is connected to a monitoring service in the vicinity, manned by people who intimate all concerned and come to the rescue almost immediately.

Anyone going in for wholesale items does so for the price reduction offered or a requirement for bulk quantities. The buyer might also wish to make the most of some short-term scheme offered by the company, on the product. Wholesale medical alert systems can be bought from a retailer or an institution providing the equipment free of cost. Some doctors could also be interested in buying them in large quantities.

Transport And Handling

It is advisable to keep certain facts in mind while going in for bulk purchase. Since the product is being purchased is in quantity, it is important to give a fore thought to storage, transport and handling. Medical alert systems are electronic equipments similar to burglar systems. They have batteries that could lose their over a period of time. Their buttons could get jammed over a long period of non-utilization, as well.

The wholesale buyer should be certain of customers for the stock being bought. He should also ascertain that every single piece is in working condition when delivered to the customer. He should ensure proper handling of the product. The storage place should also be free of dampness and moisture. espncricinfo.com

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