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Maurice Rousetty | Finance options for startups

Do you have a brilliant idea for a new business? Perhaps you have found a niche in the market you could create a business? If yes, do have the money to help fund your startup?

If you didn’t answer yes to the last question then you’re not alone but don’t fret because there are plenty of ways to obtain the cash you require! The options for financing your business are endless. We’ll give you six ways to finance a new business.

Finance options for startups

The process of getting financing is a significant stage in your entrepreneurial journey. It is also the very first step to success. Here are 6 methods to get financing. Select one, but consult with a professional prior to making any major decisions about the amount of money you have.

Maurice Rousetty Small business loans

Small-scale business loans can be accessed through a wide range of sources, including banks, credit unions, or even boutique lending services. Similar to other loans, you have to apply for them. There is a fee for interest and you will have to pay on a regular basis.
Below, we’ve listed a variety of loans that you can apply to:

  • Equipment Loan – a loan designed for small-sized businesses to purchase equipment.
  • Work capital loans are a type of loan that is used to control fluctuating revenue because of seasonality or any other reason. Most are not secured and a majority have a short-term nature.
  • Line of Credit for small businesses Your company can get a credit line in the event of need. There is a limit, however, this can assist in managing the situation if the funds are too tight.


  • The process of borrowing money from a bank typically is working with a reputable institution, and you’ll feel at ease when you borrow money.
  • There are clear conditions and terms.
  • A loan from the bank is like getting a stamp that proves you’re on something good, since banks won’t lend to businesses that are risky.
  • It is required that you make the business plan. This is beneficial since it prompts you to think about your company, but most startups often end up throwing out their business plan right at the beginning due to the fact that things are constantly changing in the startup world.


  • It is possible that you won’t receive the total amount you want.
  • The process for applying isn’t always easy.
  • Excellent for the short-term But not ideal for long-term use.

Be sure to research before making a decision. Meet with someone who has expertise in finance before approaching an institution for lending.

Angel investors

These are usually wealthy groups or individuals that invest in companies as a way of coaching, and to encourage the ambitious. They tend to be experts in their field and are eager to support those who have an amazing idea and just require the capital.

They tend to maintain a low profile and will assist you in a quiet way. Because it’s their money that is being invested Rousetty , they usually want to have a say in how the company is managed.


  • A generous person who has personal capital with fewer strings than a bank.
  • It could be a better deal than the bank.
  • Possibility to be an experienced mentor on your team.


  • You could be held accountable to someone who has views that differ of yours.
  • Terms and Conditions may be almost anything the Angel would like.
  • There is no official lending institution therefore less secure.

Venture capitalists

While it can be seen as a positive thing, however, it isn’t suitable for all. Venture capital is designed for technologically-oriented businesses that have a high chance of growth in the new field.

You sell a part of the ownership in your company in exchange for equity in order to receive the opportunity to invest Rousetty . Venture capitalists are expecting an excellent yield on investment because they take the risk of your company.


  • You can accelerate the expansion of your company.
  • The money will be yours when you’ve earned it.
  • Venture capitalist firms can connect you with other businesses to aid your development.


  • Investors are now able to own an equity stake in your business
  • Investors can expect big outcomes.
  • Can be a lengthy method of raising funds.


This is the process of raising funds by asking people to donate money to you with the promise of a reward. This is great for marketing as well.

Because it’s a reward-based system that requires various levels of reward, and you must honor the rewards.

A few crowdfunding websites include Kickstarter GoFundMe and Kickstarter IndieGoGo and other platforms. Australian crowdfunding platforms are the Birchal along with the Pozible. Birchal provides people with the opportunity to earn an equity stake in your venture, instead of early access and rewards.


  • The small group of people who give you cash is already your main customer base.
  • You can easily raise more money than the initial request for investment.
  • An excellent way to market your company.


  • There is no guarantee that you will get investment.
  • Fees for the platform can be substantial.
  • You are expected to serve the investors first, accompanied by the promise of rewards, before you can reach full production.
  • Reputation. If you invest money and do not produce, it will cause negative publicity for you.

Subsidies and grants by the Government

Grants can be obtained at the federal or state levels. It is necessary to submit an application and then wait for the money, in the event that you’re it is successful. The variety of grants available is extensive, and frequently specific to an industry, and are sourced from the portfolio related to your field of business.

There are a lot of applicants for grants each year, which means it can be a tough process.

The application process can be similarly difficult. You’ll need detailed descriptions of the project you’re requesting to fund, the ways in which it will benefit people in the area, as well as an estimated work plan, and many more.


  • If you are awarded the grant, it is yours. There’s no need to pay back grants.
  • Once you’ve been granted one grant, your odds of receiving a second or third one increase.
  • Positive publicity – you earn an image of a ‘good business’ if you perform well with grants.


  • They take a long time to submit an application. It is important to evaluate the return on Investment (ROI) for the amount of effort you put into it.
  • A lot of competition. Many people are seeking money from grants as well.
  • You must be precise about how you plan to use the funds. If you decide to spend it elsewhere this could result in a penalty when you apply for other grants.

Personal investment

Should you put your money into the company yourself? It may seem like an excellent idea, as it’s YOUR money and your business and you are free to make it work however you want. But if your business does not grow or fail, you are the one to pay what is lost, not the money of someone else.


  • It’s your money and you are free to use it in any way you like.
  • You are aware of the amount of cash you’ve got. Contrary to banks that may lend you less than you really need you to know the amount you’ll have.
  • Knowing the amount of money you have can help you budget better and make better plans.


  • Since it’s your money, if it goes away it, you’ve ruined your savings.
  • If you refinance your home and your business is in decline the property is your home, as well as assets, that may be lost as well.
  • A lack of separation between work and family life could create a blurring of the line. You could put more money into the company since it’s the money you own. Your work-life balance could be affected.

The most important key

Sometimes, you’ll need a hand to take your business to the next stage or to finance an initiative that can propel your business to the top of the heap.

The Entourage is aware of the importance of this and urges you to set your sights on the top and achieve your goal. We offer workshops on how to improve your business’s financials and have a look and let us assist you in raising money and making yourself more successful.

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