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Martin Luther King day quotes, history and celebrations 2022

Martin Luther King day quotes

Martin Luther King day quotes : Holiday honoring the achievements of Martin Luther King, Jr., was observed on the third Monday of January in the United States. In 1955, after an African American bus boycott in Montgomery, Alabama, he achieved national prominence as a Baptist minister who advocated nonviolent means for ending racial segregation. As the leader of the 1963 March on Washington, he established the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in 1957.

In the 1960s, he was one of the most influential African American civil rights figures. He was part of the team that drafted the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which banned discrimination in national and local public accommodations, facilities, and employment, and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The first African-American to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, King received it in 1964. His assassination occurred forty years later.

King’s death prompted calls for an official national holiday in his honor almost immediately. His birthday, January 15, became a holiday in a number of states and cities beginning in 1970.

As early as 1968, congress tried to pass legislation for a national holiday, but enough opposition arose on racial and political grounds to prevent it from passing. Ultimately, in 1983, legislation was passed making the third Monday in January a federal holiday, and the first national holiday was observed in 1986. Marches and parades are usually held on this day, as well as speeches from civil rights and political leaders.


What people do on this day ?

There are a few long-standing traditions associated with Martin Luther King Day, which is a relatively new federal holiday. All Americans are encouraged to celebrate it regardless of their background. Martin Luther King Day is often observed by educational establishments by teaching their pupils or students about the work of MLK and the conflict against racism and racial segregation. The government has encouraged Americans to volunteer in citizen action groups on this day in recent years.

A number of states combine Martin Luther King Day with Martin Luther King Jr Day, which is also known as Martin Luther King’s birthday. Arizona and New Hampshire combine it with Civil Rights Day, while Idaho observes it with Human Rights Day. Depending on the state, it may also coincide with Robert E. Lee’s birthday. For example, Wyoming Equality Day is celebrated on this day.

Public Life

The holiday is known under different names in different states, but it is a federal holiday. Most non-essential government offices and most corporations are closed. While some schools and colleges shut down, others remain open and continue to teach their students about Martin Luther King and his work.

A large number of small businesses are open, such as grocery stores and restaurants, although an increasing number are closing on this day. Those that do open either on Washington’s Birthday or on the following day compensate. On Martin Luther King Day, the federal government encourages Americans to volunteer in citizen action groups. The public transportation system may be closed or reduced.

Long Weekend

Due to its proximity to Monday, Martin Luther King Day always creates a long weekend in the United States.

A brief history

The civil rights activist Martin Luther King played a crucial role in the civil rights movement. the United States, he was a leading figure in the struggle to end racial segregation. “I Have A Dream” speech, he made a powerful claim for equality for African-Americans. 1958, he became the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize for his advocacy of non-violent protest. His assassination occurred in 1968.

Immediately following the introduction of the first bill, trade unions led the campaign to establish the federal holiday.

A petition with six million signatures and the support of Stevie Wonder led to the legislation becoming law in 1983.

Martin Luther King Day Quotes


1. “We should accept finite disappointments, but never give up hope.”

2. Light is the only thing that can drive out darkness; darkness cannot. Love can be the only thing that drives out hate.

3. The act of forgiveness cannot be a one-time event. Forgiveness is a permanent attitude.”

5. It takes faith to take the first step even though you can’t see the whole staircase.”

6. ‘What are you doing for others?’ is the most important question of life.

8. When we become silent about important matters, our lives begin to end.”

9. It may have been different ships that brought us here, but now we are in the same boat.”

11. We must continue to fight to bring about change, not let it roll in on its own.

13. “There comes a time when one has to take a stand that is neither politically or economically feasible, but one has to take it because their conscience tells them it is right.”

14. Never allow anyone to bring you so low that you hate them.

15. You have to keep moving forward regardless of whether you can fly, run, walk, or crawl. If you cannot fly, run, if you cannot walk, crawl.

16. True education aims to develop both intelligence and character.

A stone of hope emerged from the mountain of despair.

“The right time for doing the right thing is always now.”

Don’t be a tree if you can’t be a bush. You can be a trail if you can’t be a highway. You can be a star if you can’t be a sun. Whether you succeed or fail is not determined by your size. Try to be the best at whatever you do.”

20. “The days ahead will be difficult. I have been to the top of the mountain; I have seen the promised land, so it really doesn’t matter to me now. Maybe I won’t make it with you. The promised land will be ours as a people. I want you to know that.

22. The ultimate word, in reality, belongs to the unarmed truth and unconditional love. Therefore, right will always triumph over evil even when temporarily defeated.”

23. In order for peace to exist, there must be justice, not just an absence of tension.”

25. It is more frustrating to deal with shallow understanding from good-willed people than to deal with absolute misunderstanding from bad-willed people. Semrush

26. There can be no life for a lie.

27. “Deep disappointment is impossible where there is no deep love.”

28. “Man must develop a method to resolve all human conflicts that rejects revenge, aggression, and retaliation.

30. Developing and maintaining the capacity to forgive is essential. Those who are unable to forgive are incapable of loving. The worst of us contain some good and the best of us contain some evil. This realization prevents us from hating our enemies.”

MLK Jr. Quotes for Teachers

Teachers will find the following quotes particularly useful and interesting.  You can start with one of them to pique student interest. The more questions they ask, the more they will understand.

After students read these quotes, ask them to create something based on what they learn. Literature, social studies, and art can all use these quotes.


Disobeying unjust laws is a moral obligation.


Nonviolence and nonexistence are the only choices, not violence and nonviolence.”


Spending more on military defense instead of social programs is a sure path to spiritual doom for a nation.”


„Wars are poor tools to carve out peaceful tomorrows.”


In addition to repenting for the sins of bad people, we must also repent for the appalling silence of good people.”


In the course of his life, Martin Luther King Jr.


Individuals do not start living until they are capable of moving beyond the narrow confines of their individual concerns and taking on the responsibilities of all humanity.


We have outrun our spiritual power with our scientific power.


Happy Martin Luther King Day to all of you guys, hope you liked this article, for more articles and  Hindi valentine greetings visit ibc and enjoy your day.

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