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Low Website Traffic? Use These Basic SEO Techniques To Get A Big Boost

No one visits the second page of Google search results. This is why it’s jokingly called the best place to play Hide and Seek.

Talking about the first page, the first five results get over 67% of the clicks. [Source: Zero Limit Web]

No wonder, so many marketers hustle to get a spot there.

Are you also wondering, “How to increase the search engine ranking and get more website traffic?”

If so, we’re here to help.

We have listed the SEO (search engine optimization) techniques to help you multiply your website traffic. You don’t have to spend anything on ads to get the results.

Increase backlinks by SEO techniques

This is the favorite SEO technique of many marketers out there. In simple words, a backlink is a link you get from other sites to your website. Google considers it one of the crucial factors to rank a website. Use these tricks to increase quality backlinks:

  1. Examine the backlinks of your competitors
  2. Connect with bloggers and influencers
  3. Write guest articles on high authority websites
  4. Create and share infographics relevant to your business
  5. Give interviews to websites that are looking for people from your industry

The companies offering SEO services will also help you in this process.

Write SEO-friendly content

Google loves fresh and relevant content. This search engine giant gives preference to websites that match the expectations of online users. To match these criteria, publish the content that’s original, free of grammatical errors, and is optimized for smartphones. And the most essential factor is to include relevant keywords in your website content. Again, a reliable SEO service provider can create Google-friendly keywords on your behalf. If you’re doing it on your own, these online tools will make the task easier for you:

  • Grammarly: To check the grammatical and punctuation errors
  • Google Keyword Planner: To find relevant keywords for the content
  • Plagiarism Checker: To ensure the content isn’t copied
  • Hemingway Editor: To check the readability of your content
  • Google Trends: To get ideas for fresh blogs and articles

Increase page load time

Two store owners (with the same products) created a website of their own. The first one had a better website design and easy navigation. But, the visitors bought their products from the website of the second store owner. Why? Because the second one’s website loaded faster. In the current era where groceries are delivered in 10 minutes, no one waits for 3 seconds for a website to load. You can use the website audit technique to improve your SEO. Even Google considers page load time as one of the key ranking factors. Here are a few hacks to boost the page load time:

  • Optimize the images (The next point covers it in detail).
  • Reduce HTML and JavaScript file size with GZip.
  • Streamline the HTML content of your website.
  • Remove unnecessary data from your database.

Get the support of an experienced web developer for these steps.

Optimize images on your website

There are two benefits of optimizing the website images. First, the loading time increases…which is a crucial SEO factor. Second, Google ranks you higher on the search results if you have attached the right keywords to your images. It is not tough to optimize website images. These tips make it possible:

  1. Use the right image file format: PNG, JPEG, and GIF are the most widely used file formats for the images.
  2. Compress the image: much online software makes it easier to compress the images without much impact on the quality.
  3. Add alt text: Alt text describes your image. Google reads this text to identify what your image is about. Create an easily readable alt text that makes sense rather than just stuffing it with keywords.
  4. Use caching: The image files get stored in a proxy server or a browser cache if you are using this technique.

Work on local SEO

“Car repairs near me.”

“Best physical therapists near me.”

People make these types of searches from their smartphones. The businesses that have optimized for the local SEO rank higher for such searches. The best part about local SEO is that you don’t even require a website. You can list your business on Google for FREE. And then put all the relevant and correct information about your professional services or products in detail. It is best to grow your small business online.

With the right set of keywords and detailed information, you will become visible to your potential customers. It may take a little time to rank above the competitors in the first few months. An experienced SEO company will speed up the process for you.

The Bottom Line

A mix of these SEO techniques will increase your rankings. You will get more traffic and quality leads without breaking a bank. Hire an SEO service provider to make the process quicker and more effective. When doing so, ensure the company is experienced with a proven track record of the best results.


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