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Learn Multiple Ways to Import Excel Contact List to Outlook Smartly

In general, people use MS Excel to save their data for personal and business purposes. But mostly, the users save their contacts list in Excel as it is a stable and secure MS application to keep the contacts data in one place. But in some cases, the user requires to import Excel contact list to Outlook.  So, in this article, we will discuss the methods that will be helpful for several users who are not able to move their contacts from Excel to Outlook due to some occurring errors.

Fundamental things to Know Before Excel File Conversion

Initially, we need to understand that by default the Excel Spreadsheet saves the files in .xlsx file format. Hence to import contacts to Outlook from Excel, the users will need to first convert the xlsx format to CSV (Comma Separated Values). Because the MS Outlook application only imports the .csv and PST file format.

So, in the upcoming section, we will explain the methods which can be used to import an Address book(contacts) from Excel to Outlook in a most reliable and secure way.

Procedure to Import Contacts from Excel Spreadsheet to Outlook Manually

So here as we know that Outlook supports CSV format. Hence, the user will need to convert the Excel file in .xls or .xlsx format to CSV format. After doing this the user will be able to import Excel contact list to Outlook without any issues. Other than that, in a different situation, users create a list of contacts in Excel and then want to upload it in Outlook for their own convenience.

Step 1: Converting the MS Excel File to CSV format

  1. Initially, find the contacts spreadsheet and prepare to import process.
  2. Now check the file extension of the Excel file, if the extension is “.xlsx”, then change it to CSV format. Users can choose that from the dropdown list.

Note– In recent versions of Excel, users can simply go to the File option and select save a copy. If the contacts file already exists.

  1. Finally, the required file will be converted into CSV format.

Now the user needs to initiate the step in the process to import the converted CSV file which contains the contacts list into Outlook.

Step 2:  Importing the CSV Files to Microsoft Outlook

  1. As the user launches the Outlook application. Go to the File option located in the left corner then press the Open & Export and then Import/Export.
  2. Under the Import and Export Wizard, select the Import from another program or file and hit on Next.
  3. Next, select Comma Separated Values and press the Next button.
  4. Now use the Browse option to search and select the CSV file to upload in Outlook and click Next.
  5. Then, select the destination folder Contacts of the Outlook application and then click Next.
  6. Next, the user will see that the import action is selected.  Here the user can Map the custom fields between the source Excel file and Outlook contacts. For that, click Map Custom Fields.
  7. On the Map Custom Fields page, the user can map the source file values to values in Outlook contacts. Perform mapping as the user wants to and then hit on OK.
  8. Press the Finish button to continue.

In the end, it will import the contacts in MS Outlook. This is how using a manual solution users can import Excel contact list to Outlook

By following all the steps of this process carefully user can execute this task easily. However, if users are still facing any difficulties. Then we suggest users to use the automated tool which makes it easy for the users.

Ideal Method to Import Excel Contact List to Outlook Quickly

In some scenarios, we have seen that in the above-mentioned solution, users do suffer sometimes and waste their time in understanding and rectifying the error that they are getting. So, to avoid all the errors and issues, users can look for an MS Excel to Outlook Converter Tool. Which is developed to upload the contact list from the Excel (xls,xlsx,xlsm) formats to Outlook.

Step-By-Step Procedure to Convert Spreadsheet Contacts List to Outlook  

Here, we will discuss the steps that the user needs to follow to import contacts to Outlook from Excel using the Software.

Note – Before using this tool, users are required to convert the Excel file into CSV.

  • In the beginning, on the local machine launch the software.

Import Excel Contact List to Outlook

  • Then use the Browse button for search and add the Excel file.

browse to add file

  • Once the file gets open, the tool will scan the files and users can preview the added CSV file.

Import Excel Contact List to Outlook

  • Under the Settings tab, mark PST format in Export Option (As we want to import contacts in Outlook). And Set the Destination path by pressing the Change button.

set file destination

  • Now, Under the Mapping section, choose Excel Sheets and Export File Fields. Also, users can choose the Auto Map option.

 mapping process

  • Finally, hit on the Export button after completing the mapping step.

Import Excel Contact List to Outlook

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This article explains the solution to import Excel contact list to Outlook. Here users have two options, whether they can use the manual approach to convert Excel files into Outlook or they can directly use the professional solution which converts the desired Spreadsheet into Outlook format easily

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