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Lady Shield Values Your Safety and Well-Being

Whether you or someone you know has been the victim of a hijacking, robbery, assault, or bad accident, you know how scary and shocking these incidents can be. And while you may try hard to avoid any trouble, sometimes trouble arrives anyway. While you cannot always know what to do when the situation happens, you can try to prepare. One way is to download Lady Shield app and subscribe today. Designed to provide emergency response services to subscribers the app links you to emergency medical and armed response teams so that you can get help fast, wherever you are in South Africa. You don’t even have to speak. Simply touch the panic button that comes in the app, and GPS does the rest. It will show the emergency response teams where you are, and they’ll be dispatched to help you. There’s no confusion because you speak Sotho, and the dispatcher speaks Afrikaans or vice versa. There’s no trying to work out what the address is when it’s dark and you’re not sure where you are. There’s no trying to figure out which friend or family member to call for help. The app will take care of the details and get assistance to you – fast and convenient. And best of all, it’s affordable. There are two packages available – one for R 59,99 a month and the other for R 74,99 monthly. You choose which one works best for you. Or you can choose to try the app FREE for seven days. Simply register using your email and phone number, then follow the steps to set up your phone. That’s it.


But what else does Lady Shield offer? Here are some of the key features –


  • Lady Shield allows you to add 3 other people to your subscription because we understand that the wellbeing of your loved ones is as priceless to you as your own. All 3 will have the same benefits as you do.


  • The app offers reverse panic alerts so that you can activate an alert from your phone on their behalf if they face any emergency.

  • Geo-fencing is another useful tool offered on the Lady Shield app. This is particularly useful for parents who want to track where their children are – set an area in which they are allowed to move (e.g., within 2 kms of your home), and the app will track their phones and alert you if they move out of the set area.


  • Group tracking – if you and your friends want to keep track of each other’s movements as an added safety measure, you can do so with Lady Shield, as long as you all have access to the app.


So, don’t delay – join the Lady Shield community today. The app is available across South Africa from both the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store.



Lady Shield is a location-based quick emergency alert response app for any smartphone. The app provides a panic button for any emergency and other safety features. Lady Shield is a rapid emergency response safety app designed to protect you and your family wherever you are in South Africa. The app uses your phone as a panic button to call armed response and/or medical emergency services to your location within minutes by tracking your GPS co-ordinates. Lady Shield is a rapid response safety app that is available on Google Play store and the iOS App Store The app uses your phone as a panic button to alert your emergency contacts if you’re in danger.

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