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Jira Certification Cost In India

Jira Certification Cost In India


In recent times, Jira has become the most trusted issue tracking, bug tracking, and project management software. This tool aims to assist the organization with the issue tracking and defects associated with any program or mobile application. Also, many businesses utilize Jira as a project management application. Moreover, Jira has become the most popular agile work management and software testing solution package. It allows the organization to interact and cooperate across all teams and work collaboratively. Furthermore, Jira offers consumers a variety of unique solutions and deployment choices for specialized Software, Ops teams, IT, Business, and many more. Therefore, for anyone looking for a career in this sector, Jira Online Training in India may help them to become proficient and train them for the professional world.

Need for Jira Certification & Training:

Jira tool Certification training will teach you how to handle software issues, test cycles, bug fixes, and project management. So, if you are looking to become a professional and want to work in this industry, you should go for excellent Jira certification training. Under such training, you will learn Jira displays, issue management, reporting, workflows, and other critical components. After earning the certification, you can explore several job opportunities and pursue your career as a Jira Application Developer, Administrator, Consultant, or Configuration Engineer. Moreover, this training will make you aware of all the abilities needed to test software using Jira and help you know how to set up and organize a working environment.

Job Profiles to Explore After Jira Certification Training:

After earning the Jira certification, you can explore various job roles and get yourself a great career in the IT industry. Thus, below is a list of prominent career profiles you may pursue after gaining Jira abilities.

Jira Administrator:

He is a client of Administer Jira Worldwide Consent. His primary role is to have authorization for projects. Thus, as a Jira Administrator, your initial package would range from Rs 6 to 8 LPA. Also, you must have strong communication skills, document management, typing, and bookkeeping.

Jira Developer:

As a Jira Developer, you will be responsible for developing and managing computerized work processes in Jira. However, your primary task involves improving and updating Jira ventures, archiving the SDLC and effectively completing the SDLC (Software development Life Cycle) assignments. However, as a Jira developer, your initial pay ranges from Rs 5 to 8 LPA. Moreover, your vital skills include problem-solving abilities, mathematical ability, knowledge of several programming languages, and organizational and time management abilities.

Jira Support Technicians:

Jira support technicians are computer support specialists that work for businesses, assisting representatives or clients with computer-related difficulties. Also, they are known as specialized help technical support professionals. Moreover, their initial pay ranges from Rs 5 to 8 LPA.

Jira Engineer:

The Jira Engineer’s primary task is to construct and set up lead tests, gear, test objects, obtain crucial information, and create models of new hardware. The usual salary package for developing your career is Rs 5 to 8 LPA. However, as a Jira Engineer, you must be well-versed in software development, object-oriented design, software testing, and debugging. Also, you must know computer code and programming.

Certification Cost of Jira:

The best thing about Jira certification training courses is that you can access the module online and offline. However, it may take a few months to obtain your Jira certification. These courses assist candidates to create new skill sets and help them to advance their professions to new heights. Moreover, you don’t need prior experience to participate in these courses. Nowadays, Jira Certification Cost has become more affordable for every candidate, with the cost varying depending on the module you wish to study. Now, let’s have a look at the courses and their prices.

  • Showing Jira using real-life case studies will cost you around Rs 3200.
  • Jira Basics for Users, Managers, and Administrators costs roughly Rs 7500.
  • Jira certification costs are approximately Rs 20000.
  • If you wish to have a crash course in Jira Certification, it will cost you around Rs 6500.


Finally, you can see in this article how Jira has controlled the IT sector and evolved into the most reliable software testing and project management solution. It simplifies the monitoring, management, and control of complex projects. Thus, to learn advanced ideas, you must first be familiar with the Jira terminology, installation procedure, current practices, and tools. Furthermore, this course provides excellent IT career possibilities and allows you to earn high-paying packages.

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