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Is Running Google Ads Simple?

Is running Google Ads simple? Many people who are unfamiliar with pay per click (PPC) advertising in Google ask this question. And with all the false information regarding Google Ads advertising that is floating around, that is a fair inquiry.

The truth is that running Google Ads is simple, and many users who are new to this platform have found this to be the case.

Of course, some of the features have a small learning curve. Additionally, depending on the type of campaign you set up, you might need to go through a little bit of an adjustment period.

However, there are several actions you can take to fix that. Getting one or two hours of Google Ads training to obtain a good introduction to the basic controls is one method to get around it.

Additionally, you may find step-by-step directions on how to set up successful ads by reading a number of helpful articles or a Google Ads blog.

I’ve provided some advice below to get you going.

Over the years, there have been numerous changes made to the Google Ads interface. Make a Microsoft Ads account to view the older UI, which still has an aged look and feel akin to the earlier Google Ads interface.

Since it has been in use for a few years, the current Google Ads interface has established itself as one of the most user-friendly in both the PPC sector and for Google.

It’s simple to switch between campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and more. And compared to earlier versions, it is far faster.

Taking a lesson will make it easier for you to become comfortable with the controls and perform what you need to do to advertise successfully.

If you begin with no reviews, you will begin to notice improvements in your ranking as you add more reviews to your profile. If you begin with reviews, you will see improvements in your ranking. However, there will come a time when the benefits begin to decrease.

In addition to the improvement in rankings, customers want to know that other people are taking the time to provide feedback about your company and that you are responding to that feedback.

A company that has multiple locations might, for instance, want to connect to the page that details each of its locations. You can also link to one of those pages if your company has a lot of departments or practitioners, which is something to keep in mind.


Testing out a variety of different links to determine which one yields the greatest results is essential to getting this right.

Fields in Google My Business That Do Not Have an Effect on Rankings

Although these elements do not have an effect on your results, they can still help you gain traffic by engaging consumers and establishing the authority of your brand.

Campaign formats

It’s simpler to design some campaign kinds than others. Some can be set up quickly, such as Smart campaigns, which only need a few details from you, such as keywords, target locations, some ad content, and a few others, before you can start using them.

Before you can promote, you must conduct some research for other campaign types, such as Search. Google  pay per click marketing So, to set up effective advertisements, you should do some keyword and competitor research.

Additionally, you will need to set up things like text advertisements, bid strategy, ad extensions, negative keywords, location and language targeting, and more.

Then there are campaign types like display and video campaigns that need a lot of testing to get a good ROI. Therefore, to identify the best for your business, you’ll need to conduct some experiments, add ad variations, and tweak a few characteristics.

Consult a Google Ads

Working with a Google Ads professional is one approach to get you off to a successful start. This is crucial if you’re having trouble understanding the features and need assistance getting started.

You can get assistance from a professional with things like campaign setup, keyword research, and more. Finally, if you need to, they may train you to take over the management of your campaigns.

Thus, this will make it much simpler and more profitable for your company to advertise on Google.

Just make sure to verify that they have experience in your sector and can demonstrate their knowledge through evaluations and case studies. Additionally, it’s preferable if they are a licensed Google  pay per click marketing Partner.


I hope this post has provided you with a solid introduction to Google Ads advertising and demonstrated that it is not as difficult to build campaigns as many people think. Various advertisers are seeing the many advantages of using Google Ads’ cost per click (CPC) marketing and realizing returns on their advertising investments of more than 300 percent.

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