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Is PRP Technology Effective For Hair Loss Treatment?

Hair thinning and loss are common regardless of gender and age among individuals. It mainly occurs due to a hair loss type known as androgenetic alopecia. It can cause hair thinning and falling among males and females. It can cause male pattern baldness. In females, it can occur due to hormonal imbalances and comes with female pattern baldness. However, this could occur among men due to DHT, which comes from testosterone. PRP for hair loss triggered by androgenic alopecia is the highly recommended treatment. It is generally used to reverse baldness by strengthening the hair follicles.

What is PRP all about?

It stands for Platelet-rich Plasma, smart technology in this modern age hair transplant industry. The prp hair treatment los Angeles works by taking a blood sample from the vein into a centrifuge. It is a machine that separates Plasma from blood. Plasma contains millions of growth and healing properties that can aid tissue healing. Therefore, the hair surgeon will inject this Platelet-rich Plasma into your scalp to stimulate the growth of hair follicles. It is a popular method of restoring hair growth which is stopped by androgenic alopecia.

Is PRP effective for hair loss treatment?

It is quite natural to have a query in mind when you get a non-surgical treatment like PRP. However, the effectiveness of this treatment is backed up by years of research. The experts state that this procedure effectively treats the male and female pattern hair loss. However, some patients might require additional aid from topical medications like Rogaine with PRP. But, overall, the results of this treatment are quite satisfying and real. PRP works by repairing the tissues to activate them to grow hair follicles. However, one might require multiple sessions as per the extent of hair loss on the scalp.

Benefits of PRP for hair loss

Boost hairs strength

As mentioned earlier, PRP is known to treat hair thinning that results in hair loss. After getting this treatment, you can experience the thickening of existing hairs from the roots. This treatment can also increase the diameter of the existing hairs. Therefore, it can repair damaged hair tissues to provide them strength.

Safe procedure

PRP is the optimum choice when it comes to attaining hair loss treatment without cuts and incisions. It is a non-surgical process that does not involve incisions. The injecting of Plasma will take place by using tiny needles and syringes. The Plasma would be derived from your blood, so there is no risk involved. You would get the treatment without any risk of infections.

Limited hair loss

As you get the PRP treatment, you can experience its results. It will limit the extent of hair fall, and you can find them denser than earlier. However, you might be asked by the surgeon to repeat the session after a few weeks or months. It would depend on the area you want to target for the hair restoration. So, for fuller results, you have to undergo multiple sessions.

Minimum side effects

This procedure comes with a low risk of side effects. It is generally a safe treatment but can appear with some symptoms such as:

  • Tenderness in scalp
  • Short-term bleeding on injection site
  • Mild pain at injecting site with swelling
  • Mild headache
  • And scalp itching etc.

However, these symptoms are for a short period only and will fade away once you get proper rest after the procedure. However, getting this treatment done by a board-certified hair surgeon is important for superior outcomes.


Compared to surgery, non-surgical PRP therapy is a non-employable procedure that significantly reduces recovery time and pain. This minimally invasive procedure involves extracting blood with a syringe and then injecting prp hair treatment los angeles into the damaged tissue.

To Sum up

Research has acclaimed that PRP for hair loss can renew hair growth. But, it is only a viable solution to treat pattern hair loss with androgenic alopecia. It is also necessary to know that the treatment requirements might vary from person to person. So, it is advised to schedule an appointment with a professional hair surgeon for specific PRP results who are well experienced and performed many surgeries. It would help to determine the number of sessions and expected outcomes.  

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