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Is It Possible To Throw Away A Metal Bed Frame?

Is It Possible To Throw Away A Bed Frame? (Here’s How You Can Do It Safely)


Is It Acceptable to Discard a Bed Frame?


There are many reasons why you would wish to get rid of an old bed frame, but can you simply dump it in the garbage and be done with it?


A metal bed frame may be discarded. You may either sell it, give it, or dispose of it in a landfill. Furthermore, garbage removal businesses that specialise in this field exist.


The many possibilities available raise additional issues that should be addressed before proceeding. It depends on the side of the bed frame, how long it has left on the shelf, the materials it is constructed of, and so on.


In this post, we’ll look at whether or not you can throw away a bed frame and how to go about doing so. Recycling the bed frame is an excellent alternative that should be explored as well. So, without further ado, let’s get started!


Is It Possible to Throw Away a Bed Frame?


As a result, it’s time to make a lifestyle shift. You’ve outgrown your old bed frame, or you don’t like the way it looks. You’ve seen a new bed frame that you like.


How many bed frames are discarded every year?


Every year, it is estimated that 20 million bed frames are discarded from households and hotels.


It’s time to retire your old bed frame and replace it with the most recent addition to your bedroom. The first thing that comes to mind is whether or not you can get rid of your old bed frame.


You must weigh the possibilities available to you. Your next line of action will be determined by how you wish to get rid of it.


If it still has some value and you can sell it to recuperate part of your investment. Check out the many markets available on the internet. To get a sense of how comparable items are sold, do a quick Google search. Take images of the bed frame and post them online if it’s worth the effort.


Good places to look include eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace. The issue with eBay is that you must secure appropriate transportation, which means you must take additional efforts to dispose of the furniture.


What Is the Average Life Expectancy of a Bed Frame?


From the moment they are originally acquired, bed frames are supposed to survive for roughly ten years.


There are additional packing restrictions for certain goods, which may deter you. When selling on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, this is not the case. These marketplaces allow buyers to pick up their purchases directly, making the procedure simpler for you.


Selling is one option for getting rid of old bed frames, but dealing with strangers and negotiating on pickup and delivery schedules may be exhausting. Finding a buyer via online markets may also be a time-consuming procedure. If you’re not prepared to put in the effort to find a buyer, it’s generally best to simply toss it away.


Another option is to donate it. Local shelters are often in need of fresh bedding, and donating it to them will bring you good karma. Volunteers may be able to remove it from you, helping the procedure go more smoothly for you.


If you do decide to donate your bed frame, make sure you have a receipt so you may deduct it from your taxes at the end of the year.


If the first two solutions don’t work out, you may always toss the bed frame out the window. This is often the preferred option in residential settings.


It will not only be available to everyone who wants it, but it will also be collected up by garbage collectors. It’s possible that there are laws in your region, and contacting the local homeowners association about it can help a lot.


There may be a central location for this, or you may be advised of additional prices for such pick-ups. Distinct states have different packing standards for appropriate collection, and understanding this ahead of time can aid you in your search.

What Is the Best Way to Get Rid of a Bed Frame?


Look around to discover if any rubbish removal services are available in your area. All you have to do is give them a call, inquire about their availability, and grant them permission to come over. Just keep in mind that various goods have varied prices, and a visit has a set price.


You’re fine to go if a rubbish removal service suits your budget. They are experts in their field who know what they’re doing.


If you’ve already purchased a new bed and frame, you may be on a budget. Taking the frame to the landfill yourself is a more cost-effective choice. This isn’t the most environmentally friendly choice, but it’s generally the least expensive.


In the section below, we go through the idea of recycling your bed frame in further depth. But keep in mind that this isn’t the only option you have.


Is It Possible To Throw Away A Bed Frame? (Here’s How You Can Do It Safely)

Is it possible to recycle a bed frame?


Furniture and other fixtures are usually recycled in landfills. Metal is their preferred bed frame material, although they can also refurbish wood frames.


What is the Average Metal Content of a Bed Frame?

The typical bed frame weighs just under 19 pounds of metal.

There are many approaches to this problem. Let’s take a look at them one by one, in sequence of increasing difficulty.


When your new bed frame arrives, the firm that is providing it may be able to take it off your hands. Depending on where you live, they may sell it, toss it out, or recycle it. If you have any concerns, make sure you inquire before they take it.


They will very certainly accept it for free, although they may charge a little fee.


You’ll have to get your hands filthy and do it all yourself if this isn’t a possibility. The finest part about this event is that you will be responsible for everything yourself.


The majority of landfills have a recycling facility on-site or nearby. This is definitely the greatest choice for you to recycle it if you’re going to do it yourself. You may also check whether your local home garbage disposal centre would accept it.


Bed Frames in Metal, Wood, and Plastic.


What Difference Does It Make?


Bed frames are available in a wide range of materials. Metal and wood are the most frequent, however plastic bed frames are becoming more popular since they are lighter and simpler to manufacture for many businesses.


Do the various materials make a difference when it comes to getting rid of your bed frame?


Metal bed frames are a large, hefty object that must be sent to a recycling site. The good news is that they’re most likely constructed of steel and not much else, so they’ll be easier to recycle than many other objects in your merter escort home! Because consumers don’t know where their recyclables go or how frequently their local agency will pick up bulky products for free, one out of every five recyclables is projected to be thrown away (or cheaply).


It’s a bit more difficult to get rid of plastic bed frames. Most curbside recycling programmes will allow you to dump the bed frame into your blue bin with all other plastics if it’s constructed of plastic and in excellent shape. If the parts are too big to go in the bin, you’ll have to break them up yourself or take them to a recycling facility.


Wooden bed frames may be disposed of or, better yet, composted (although it is recommended that if you choose to compost, the bed frame be stripped of all finish and paint).


Services for removing bed frames


For customers who don’t have a method to transfer their metal bed frames themselves, bed frame removal services are an excellent solution. A bed frame removal service will visit to your home or apartment and remove the frame. At the same time, they may remove old mattresses and other heavy goods. Following their removal, these workers carry whatever they removed elsewhere for recycling or repurposing into new items.


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