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iOS App Testing: 4 Tests That You Can Perform On Your iOS App

Testing your app frequently keeps it fresh and bug free. Here we discuss different kinds of tests you can perform on your iOS app.

When we talk about tests on apps, we often associate technical corrections and minor updates on the technology used to build that app. It is indeed true that most tests are done to keep the apps technically updated. There are other tests that you can do to understand the relevance in a better way.

Apart from keeping the technology updated, there are numerous tests that can define how good your app is on a particular platform. With iOS offering great rewards for adaptive and smart app development, it is very important to keep performing these tests to stay updated. 

4 Tests That Help Your iOS App to Improve 

There are some tests that you have to perform on the platform on which the app is built. This includes updating the platforms and the programming language that it runs on. Having the right technology to run your app may just be the first step. Then there are some relevant tests that you perform from the device to see where your app stands. This gives you a broader yet clearer idea about what departments you need to work on to make your app more popular.

Here are 4 tests that you can perform on your iOS apps to improve them. 


There is a concept called app store optimization for optimizing your app with the relevant search results. This includes maintaining a tightly written documentation of the app. Apart from the official document of the app, your app should also have properly written relevant information and description about the app. The standard practices of custom iOS application development include providing relevant documentation and optimized content in the form of app description so that your app appears on top of the relevant keyword searches. 

Apart from the app store search, iOS devices also offer great relevant search results from the Spotlight feature. Spotlight is a search bar on the home screen. It shows relevant results like settings, apps, menus on the apps or even relevant content from the apps when you put a keyword to search. Your developers must also make the most of the spotlight search result feature on the iOS devices.

Launch Speed

Launch speed of an app is very crucial. If it takes forever to launch, it will not be as popular as you want it to be. For that, your developers must understand concepts of cold and warm launch and gathering metrics of the app’s launch times. A tool called MetricKit from Apple’s official resource helps you keep a good track about all the metrics of your app’s launch times.

Popular practices to reduce the app’s launch time include managing the storage wisely, eliminating unnecessary dependencies on external frameworks and dynamic libraries and removing or reducing the static initializers from your app’s code. 


Apps on iOS devices are used on multiple fronts by the user. The inter connectivity and compatibility between all the Apple devices make the overall experience immersive for the users. Apple’s universe of its own benefits many industries who offer solutions through their apps. To make the most of the cross platform or cross device connectivity. You have to make sure that your app not just looks alright on all the screens but performs smoothly as well.

Everything from the headings, font sizes, images, thumbnails and menus should be adaptive across devices and platforms. Note that all the different devices from Apple use different operating systems despite sharing the app store. 


Posting regular content still remains the best way to attract traffic to your apps. Some apps may have limited infrastructure to post larger contents. To solve that, you can either start a whole new section for regular posts. Or you can bundle your content in smart notifications. Notifications are a great way to seek the user’s attention. You can smartly combine phrases that form a brief note that can be sent to the user as a notification. Sometimes quirky notes end up in user engagement. 

With iOS 16 now introducing home screen widgets, you can put a lot of exciting content about your business on those widgets with quirky text and exciting images as thumbnails. This lets your app garner the users’ attention right from their home screen without them having to even open your app.


Limited storage space has resulted in users shrinking down on the apps they really want to keep on their phones. This means that having a strong app may not be enough for your business. You might have to go a few steps beyond just app development to keep your app relevant and to gain the user’s attention. Performing regular tests on the aforementioned aspects can help you form a checklist about matters that need improvement.  

Pinal Goda

Pinal is a React Native Developer working with Gtech Web Infotech Pvt. Ltd., a leading mobile app development company in India. Being capable of building cross-platform applications that are highly proficient and offer intuitive user experience is her forte.

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