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Increasing the Paper-Forming Properties of Recycled Fibrous Materials

Increasing the Paper-Forming Properties of Recycled Fibrous Materials

Waste paper is a valuable raw material for the global paper and cardboard industry. The demand for paper waste is constantly growing. Recyclers are looking for how to buy old newspapers and other types of used paper. Because the production of recycled paper products is growing rapidly. Moreover, this happens faster than the production from primary materials obtained by processing valuable wood. This is facilitated not only by environmental, but also by economic factors.

However, you need to understand the following. Fibrous materials affect the quality of paper and cardboard, in particular, their structural and mechanical strength. Therefore, it is customary to evaluate such materials through their paper-forming properties. Recycled fibers have reduced paper-forming properties when compared with primary raw materials. Because processing affects their condition. The drying process has a particularly negative effect, during which elasticity is lost, the surface is strongly compacted, and the degree of brittleness increases.

What to do in such a situation? How to improve the paper-forming properties of recycled fibers? After all, the answer to this question, in fact, contains the most important point – whether humanity will actively recycle paper waste or will still mercilessly destroy valuable forests. Scientists are constantly conducting research in this direction. They investigate the influence of the processes of dissolution and grinding of the mass of waste fibers in order to improve their paper-forming properties. They carry out work to monitor the state of the fibers, their physical characteristics, in the process of processing.

What have scientists achieved?

Scientists have already been able to find technical ways to improve the paper-forming properties of recycled recycled fibers. They set time intervals during which it is possible to preserve important features of the product. In addition, substances have been found that can preserve the properties of waste fibers. Variants of technological methods that positively affect the improvement of the physical parameters of the processed raw materials are proposed.

Many methods are already being used by modern processors. Production facilities have been modernized for new technically complex processing processes. Substances and reagents recommended by scientists are used, the time allocated for certain production stages is reduced. As a result, work is underway around the world to obtain recycled fibers with better paper-forming properties. This allows us to offer a better quality product to the representatives of the paper and cardboard industry.

It is important to note that the paper and cardboard industry is still focused on the use of what is commonly called recycled waste paper for its production purposes. Because it is in this way that it turns out to reduce the cost of finished products. This is beneficial not only to the paper and cardboard industry itself, but also to the end users of the products it produces.

As for the processors themselves, the price of waste paper on their part is growing every year. They are interested in how to buy old books and other types of waste paper. But pricing in this area is not stable. Because there is a constant need for such a product. Processors are experiencing shortages in terms of purchases. But the mere fact that recycling is a developing industry allows modern humanity to be sure that the world will not be mired in mountains of garbage.

It is important to note that waste paper is a fairly valuable product. If it is formed in large quantities at enterprises, then it is worth considering how to sell it. The situation on the market is such that it is pretty tricky to buy old books on your own, so it is better to use the help of a waste broker.

What are the types of waste paper?

Different regions of the world have their own catalogues of varieties. In particular, in North America, it is customary to use the ISRI catalogue. It contains all varieties that are in demand by North American enterprises. Each variety is described in detail; that is, it has its own description and a specific specification. The specification indicates certain requirements, for example, what composition of the impurity may be present in a particular grade of waste paper. If you need, for example, to sell or buy over issued newspaper, then information about this variety can be obtained by looking at the ISRI catalogue.

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