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Important HR Documents and Their Importance

Ever wondered why documents are so important to every business? They serve as proof of  all  official corporate activities. HR documents are essential for recording all  transactions, activities, and events related to your organization.

Let’s face it, the documentation process isn’t the most amazing, but it’s a very important part of any business. Keeping track of employment information is very important these days. These important HR documents play an important role in managing any business. 

Important HR documents serve as “evidence” for important activities and events and should be maintained with great care. The basis for a successful organization is an efficient documentation process and efficient maintenance.

Why are HR Documents Important?

The HR manager explains how important good documentation is. Very regularly, managers come to recruitment with plans to dismiss employees or take other disciplinary actions without document support. 

HR documentation is important for many reasons. Documentation legalizes work activities from registration to termination, retirement or termination. Development and compensation are part of the employee’s documentation. Accurate and complete documentation supports HR goals such as succession development and promotion planning. HR documents are the foundation of an HR office when placed carefully, confidentially and in accordance with company policy. Important human resources development documents are essential not only  for the human resources development department but also for the entire company. To maintain the HR docs and relieve yourself of the stress, you can get in touch with hr outsourcing companies in india.

Types of Documentation

There are many types of important HR documents that form an important part of the documentation process. 

Procedures, policies, performance management, and statutory documents are all that form the core of important HR documents.  These are important in outlining the expected employee behavior and workplace standards that employees must adhere to  in order to know what they are expected to do. These documents contain  written records. This includes permanent records such as employment contracts, job descriptions, resumes, background checks, and recruitment documents such as company policies.

The documents can be formal or informal in nature. Informal records, such as B. Records of supervisors of conversations with employees. Retaining such informal  documents is just as important as maintaining formal documents. These documents play an important role regardless of whether the issue is administrative  or legal.

Why Businesses Need Proper HR Documentation?

HR documentation plays a very important role in the organization’s documentation process. It serves as evidence or evidence of activity related to the transaction. Documentation of such events,  positive or negative, may be useful in the future and should be maintained. Below is a list of important HR documents that every company should have.

1. Job Description

The job description provides both the company and employees with a clear idea of ​​the necessities of a particular job. JD records all obligations and obligations associated with a particular job. There are also signs of the type of skill needed to perform that particular task efficiently. In most cases, a sober JD contains all the important information related to a particular employment, such as job title, job title, responsibilities, and job summary.

2. Employment Contract

An employment contract is written evidence of a  professional relationship between an employer and an employee. This document is intended for employees or the entire organization. Employment contracts can completely deny volunteering and are a useful document for hiring new employees. 

This is a signed  document that serves as proof of  agreement between the employer and the employee. Employment contracts define the rights and obligations of both parties.

3. Recruitment Process Documents

The selection process involves many steps. B. Screening, interviews, meetings, selection, implementation, and onboarding. Recruiting specialists perform each of these steps to select eligible candidates from the candidate list. All of these processes should be documented in official documentation so that you can understand where and how  the process goes.

The following documents are important to the recruitment process.

  • Offer Letter 
  • Personnel requirements 
  • Job Description 
  • Employment contracts and contracts 
  • Adopted tracker 
  • Candidate evaluation form 
  • Reference check guide

4. Performance Appraisal Documents

Performance assessment documents help you manage and measure the performance of both parties. A powerful performance management system is based on the simple concept of SMART goals Specific, measurable, achievable, relevance, and Time-based).

In addition, feedback exercises can help organizations in the basic decision-making process of the future. In the case of the board,  employee feedback can improve process and leadership. 

Creating a standardized and consistent format for defining performance and  setting goals for different levels of employees.

Below are some examples of performance evaluation documents:

  • Performance evaluation 
  • Improvement plan 
  • Performance evaluation report 
  • Performance warning letter 
  • KRA

5. Employee Handbook

The Employee Handbook consists of all the procedures, policies, authority and responsibilities, and expectations of a particular employee doing a particular job within the organization. 

This is one of the most important HR documentation as it contains corporate management procedures. The Employee Handbook is used by employers to outline important company policies  and  protect the roles and responsibilities of both employers and employees. The Employee Handbook contains legal information such as employment policies, harassment prevention policies, and the  level of safety expected of employees in your organization.


Documentation plays an important role while  hiring a  candidate. So, always go for better and authentic process of documentation verification and submission.

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