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Import MBOX Files into Hotmail Account With All Related Data

Best Way to Import MBOX to Hotmail

Summary: This post is for you if you’re one of the many Hotmail users who have been searching for a way to import MBOX files into your inbox. In this post, you will find detailed instructions for safely uploading an unlimited number of MBOX files to your Hotmail account all at once. If you need a quick solution to import MBOX files into Hotmail, keep reading our helpful blog post.

Importing MBOX Files into Hotmail Without Any Fuss

One of the most trustworthy and simple way to convert MBOX to Hotmail is to use the MBOX File Converter. Aside from a Hotmail account, it also offers a wide selection of options for saving to the MBOX format. It’s really efficient, and it aims to import as many MBOX files as you like into Hotmail all at once. You can download the app and try it out without spending a dime. But before you go ahead and download it, we’ll show you just how to put it to good use.

A Detailed Guide to import MBOX Files into Hotmail Account

  1. You may access the MBOX to Hotmail import tool when you’re ready to do so. After the programme has been installed, an MBOX file may be imported into Hotmail.
  2. Click the Open button now. The following alternatives will then be available for your consideration. Pick Documents or Pick Directory Structure.
  3. Select the MBOX files you wish to import from your computer’s file system, and then click “Open” to submit them to the tool.
  4. The selected MBOX files will appear in the tool’s left pane. A preview of your MBOX files and their information is now available for examination.
  5. To use IMAP, click the arrow next to Export and choose the appropriate option.
  6. To import MBOX files into Hotmail, just input your Hotmail email account and password, as well as the name of the IMAP server, and then click the Save option.

Once everything has been successfully transferred, you will be alerted. This is how you may load several MBOX files into Hotmail at once. One of our objectives is to provide a demonstration of the product’s capabilities immediately following the procedure’s conclusion. Learn more about the instrument by digging into these areas.

Find out about the Functions of the Program

  1. Migration in Batches: Use this method if you have an unlimited amount of data to transfer all at once. It was developed for that function alone. Hotmail supports bulk imports from MBOX files. There are no restrictions at all when it comes to converting a large number of files simultaneously.
  2. Dual Selection Mode: When importing WLM, the software offers two modes (called “Data Selection”) to provide users more flexibility. You can choose the file option if you want to convert a single file, or the folder option if you want to convert many files at once. If you, however, have a great deal of data to supply, you may decide to upload the folder instead.
  3. Analysis Function: The data analysis shows that the programme used to import MBOX files into Hotmail may also be used as an MBOX viewer, with the preview function. It may be used to check emails and their att犀利士
    achments thoroughly before sending. You may also see your MBOX emails in raw or hexadecimal format for the purposes of a forensic investigation.
  4. Search Tool: The tool’s search function allows you to search down on a certain piece of data with no further work on your part. Any Text or email sent or received within a certain time frame or to/from a specified address may be easily located.
  5. Windows Capabilities: Any device that can run the Windows operating system may utilise the programme. Every Windows version from 11 back to 7 may import MBOX to Hotmail.


You may now utilise a first-rate way to import MBOX files into Hotmail. There is no limit to the amount of data that may be imported from MBOX to Hotmail at once. You may give the software a spin with the offered trial version. By clicking the aforementioned link, you can get your hands on the free programme and start using it to import MBOX to Exchange as well as other popular email providers like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Zoho, G Suite, and more in addition to Hotmail.

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