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IELTS Writing Test: Formal vs. Informal

Formal and Informal Writing for IELTS Test

Well, if we talk about the IELTS writing test, then you need to be careful in that because this is a writing exam and sometimes you can do grammatical and spelling mistakes so you need to be careful in that. Here are some best examples of IELTS writing test for formal vs. informal writing.

So, this is what I am here for. I am here to guide you about the formal and informal writing part that is needed for the writing exam.

Writing Skills for IELTS Test

Well, most of the time students get confused that what particular word they should use for the writing exam of IELTS. A formal vocabulary is used for the writing exam.

Tips for Writing Section

Well, a quick tips that I would like to give you is that try to use formal words and make your language speaking as formal and academic as possible as this can leave a good impression on the examiner and he may end up giving you good marks too for the writing section.

Most Common Words for IELTS Writing Test

So, now I am going to tell you some of the most common words that are used for the writing exam and how you can write a formal vocabulary with all these words.

So, the words are:-

  • Informal – Stuff

Formal – items

  • Informal – guys

Formal – male

  • Informal- old people

Formal – senior citizens

  • Informal- great

Formal – preferable

  • Informal – crazy

Formal – mistaken

So, you can see as I have given some of the examples of the words above. These are some of the words which we use in our daily lives but when it comes to the exam, then you need to use a formal vocabulary there. So, this is how you use them.

Get Help of the Books for IELTS Writing Test

Well, I have given some most common examples, the rat you can find from some of the books too that are specially meant for IELTS preparation. You can take these books and these books even have practice papers too along with a CD provided too where you can look for the videos of all the four sections for the exam that is reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

IELTS Writing Test Aspect

So, these books will be a great help to you.

When it comes to writing an exam like IELTS, then formal writing is the most important aspect considered for writing the exam. Since you may know that there are 2 tasks provided to you for writing. Both the task involves writing essays. So, you have to write both essays in a formal language. Well, this criterion goes for the academic exam. If we talk about the general training, then task 1 may be formal, semi-formal, or informal too while task 2 is all informal.

Use Accurate Vocabulary for IELTS Writing Test

So, for the formal writing, you should use accurate vocabulary and use grammar in a conventional sense. Always aim for the accuracy of the word and then write it.

So, these were the things that you need to keep in mind while writing.

You can also go for institute coaching. Well, let me tell you if you live in Agra, then there are some of the best institutes for IELTS coaching in Agra. So, you can get the best IELTS coaching in Agra.

Clear You’re Doubts Regarding the Exam

Not only this, but you can also contact best IELTS coaching classes in Agra as they can help you get any information. Also, overseas education consultants can help you to clear your doubts regarding the exam, admission and college and the expenses too. So, you don’t need to worry about anything.

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