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How to take good pictures with mobile phone

How to take good pictures with mobile phone

What are the rules and techniques for taking good pictures on mobile or how to take good pictures with mobile ? We are going to discuss this in detail today.

Gone are the days when it was impossible to take good pictures without a fancy expensive professional camera or lens.

Almost all smartphones these days have one or more front or rear cameras, which help you take great quality pictures.

So, if you have a good smartphone or mobile set, and if it has a camera with a good lens or two, you can get professional quality photos!

However, if you have any doubts about taking good photos, take a quick look at some of the rules we have mentioned for taking good mobile photos.

Rules and Tricks for Taking good pictures with mobile

No matter how good a camera you have, if you don’t know very basic photography techniques, taking good pictures can be quite challenging.

So, in our today’s article we will tell you, About the techniques for taking several good photos. Which will help you take aesthetic or beautiful pictures to post on Facebook or Instagram.

So, without further ado, let’s learn about the rules for taking good photos on a smartphone.

The best effective techniques for taking good photos are discussed below –

1. Uses of Gridlines:

There are many of us who suffer from not being able to take straight pictures. And, when taking the first picture, it may bend a little.

However, most smartphone cameras have a function called Gridline so that you can take pictures straight.

This allows you to shoot horizontally and vertically with your frame straight.

What is interesting about this gridline is its ‘rule and third’ composition.

With this, you can capture your subject in the right center of the frame, which will help you take interesting pictures.

2. Taking camera focus correctly:

However, the auto focus function in smartphone cameras is quite user-friendly and capable of recognizing the camera’s subject on its own.

However, to get a better photo, tap the screen where you want to bring the most focus to your image and use manual focus.

After tapping, you will see that a round or square shaped icon appears on the tapped part of your mobile screen and that part of the image is most clearly visible.

3. Selecting the subject of the photo:

It is better to have a specific and interesting subject than to have many subjects or subjects in one picture.

According to various professional photographers, if one-third of the frame is occupied by the subject and the remaining two-thirds is empty space (Negative Space), that picture looks very interesting.

To get a good exposure of a subject, bring the subject out of the background with good focus.

Also, after taking the photo, you can filter, crop, and adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation levels of the photo with the help of an editing app or software.

4. Keeping negative space:

Photography is a form of art; And, a big part of that art is this negative space. The space around and between the subject of a photo is what we call negative space.

And, when you leave a lot of space in your photograph, you can easily make your subject stand out.

Suppose, the sky, river, open field or stadium can be the ideal negative space of your photo.

5. Keeping Different Perspectives:

In simple terms, perspective refers to the distance or depth between the subject and the background in a photograph.

That is, when you take a picture from a different or strange angle, the subject creates an illusion of distance and depth with the background in the picture.

For example, if you take a picture from a top angle with your subject standing at one end of the stairs, you can get a perspective on that picture.

6. Using HDR mode:

HDR or High Dynamic Range is a very useful feature of today’s smartphone cameras. With this function you can add detail to the light and dark areas of your photo.

As a result, you will get a well-balanced exposure in your image. That is, your sky brightness won’t be too high in this mode.

Also, the soil part will not look too dark. So, you can take great landscape photos with this mode..


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