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How To Stream On Twitch?


Introduction: – 

Twitch has outperformed competitors such as Mixer, YouTube, and Facebook in just a few years. It is now the most popular online video game streaming service. Twitch is the place for companies, marketers, and influencers, with a daily active user base of 15 million.

Any user must create an account and have some special software and gear before starting streaming on Twitch (https://twitchviral.com/). Following are a few criteria that need to be fulfilled before streaming on twitch: 

Steps to Stream on Twitch: – 

To make an Account on Twitch

  • The first step is to download the Twitch app on your mobile and create a new account. To create an account, you need to enter your name, phone number, and date of birth. 
  • After entering the details, you will receive a two-factor authentication, which is not an optional step. This verification can be completed on mobile, desktop, or laptops. 
  • This verification can be conducted in 2 ways 1st is by email and 2nd is through mobile number. The user can adopt any method.

Find the Suitable Software

You’d think that signing up for a Twitch account would be enough to get you started. That’s not all, though. You’ll need software to encode your live streams and make them compatible with your console’s camera, microphone, and capture card.

Streamers frequently discuss hardware encoders, and you might be tempted to give them a try. It allows streamers to customize their stream interface layout, hotkeys, and screen transitions with Open Broadcast Solutions.

Log in to your Twitch account and click your avatar in the top-right corner to download Twitch Studio. From the menu, choose Creator Dashboard and then click the download here option.

Choose the Required Hardware

We don’t mean high-end cinematography gear or computer gizmos when we say hardware gear. To generate 4K feeds on Twitch, you don’t need a DSLR or an Intel Core CPU. What you will require is adequate gear capable of simultaneously filming and streaming. Let’s take a closer look at each piece of hardware you’ll need one by one.

Smartphone, a computer, or a game console:To capture and transmit your streams, you can utilize gaming stations (such as the Xbox One) or smartphones. However, you’ll be astonished to learn that most streamers choose to do so using their desktops or laptops. Some gamers prefer to broadcast from their PCs while playing on their consoles.

Lighting softboxes: Can be attached to computers. Furthermore, PC broadcasting software solutions allow you to customize your streams with attractive overlays and effects.

Computers are pretty much the only option when it comes to high-end streaming. They’re also perfect for rookie streamers frustrated by smartphone interfaces’ limited controls.

When building a PC for streaming, make sure the processor can handle both encoding and gaming simultaneously. Choose graphics cards that can be used with OBS, such as Nvidia RTX. If you’re going to use two PCs for streaming/encoding and gaming, keep the speedier one for encoding.

You’ll need at least 8 GB of RAM, an i5 processor, and a fast internet connection to get started. As your streams become more advanced, you’ll need to upgrade your equipment. 


Your webcam should be high quality if you want to look your best on Twitch. The best thing about using laptops for streaming is that you may tweak their settings individually as needed.


Twitch allows you to do more than watch videos. You can “simply talk” with your viewers, which took up 81 million hours on Twitch in the fourth quarter of 2019. Though this includes time spent in the Twitch chat box, verbal speaking is always preferable to typing. Adding commentary to your stream might help viewers become more interested, even if you’re primarily a gamer.

You’ll need a good microphone to do all of this. The native microphone on your gaming headset is insufficient to deliver high-quality audio. You should invest in a solitary headset if you wish to be audible during your broadcast.

Additional Equipment

The above hardware will suffice to get you started on Twitch. However, as the money starts rolling in, you may want to invest in extra equipment to help you scale your operation.

Green screen: A cluttered background can ultimately detract from your audience’s watching pleasure. Green screens can block off and beautify your broadcast backdrop, making it more enjoyable to watch.

Stream deck: If you’re used to utilizing touch displays, stream decks will come in handy. They allow you to use your fingertips to activate commands and change settings.

Game capture card: You’ll need a game capture card if you want to multi-stream from two computers or have a console-computer setup.

Lighting: A few LED softboxes may give your stream a professional and polished look by adding appealing light effects.

You’re ready to live stream to Twitch once you’ve finished setting up all of your equipment and laying the groundwork.

Live streaming from Laptop/Computer: – 

Most of the users prefer to live stream from a desktop. There are easy five steps that need to be followed before live streaming on a desktop: – 

  • To decide which content you want to stream: – This can be of the various genre like cooking, makeup tutorials, chat streams, games, etc. This step needs to be done first because content strategy is necessary to succeed in 2 ways. The first is to know the content you are streaming, and the second is to create buzz on other platforms for promotional posts and teasers. 
  • To set up Streaming Rig: – You’ll do better as a newbie if you stick to text-only streams or stream whatever is on your screen. You won’t have to worry about your webcam or microphone being connected.
  • Connecting streaming software to Twitch: – As mentioned above, streaming software can be used, or selection can be made as same as above. 
  • Adding selected content to the streaming software: One of your content sources could be your camera if you want to undertake a face-to-face demo or chat session. If you’re going to stream a game, it’ll be your gaming console. You’ll need to add all multimedia sources you wish to use in your stream to any streaming software you use.
  • At last, to adjust the streaming settings: – Streaming settings are depended on the kind of genre content that you will be live streaming, which includes the bandwidth of connection and the power of encoding software. 

Conclusion: – 

Streaming on Twitch is a fantastic opportunity to establish your brand, gain new business prospects, or show off your skills. You only need the correct equipment, content, and mindset to become a professional streamer.

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