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How to start a blog with WordPress in 2022?

Step By Step Procedure To Start A Blog With WordPress CMS in 2022

Traditionally the concept of a blog was more of a personal inclined story writing which gradually developed into the verticals of quality information sharing. Today blogging is the mainstream platform for generating business, brand awareness, and getting the most out of your inbound strategy program.

Following are the steps which can be followed chronologically to release and update blogs, also you will get knowledge regarding why WordPress is the most promising blogging platform currently.

Niche confirming and domain registration

Deciding on your blog niche can be a very stressful and daunting task. Not if you have a Reputed WordPress development company by yur side to take care of the website from start to the end. It can have multiple verticals for choosing, like your actual audience and followers. Next comes even the tougher part, which includes creating a brand or blog name that will eventually be your domain name. 

This needs to be unique and easy to spell so that it can be remembered by everyone around the world, making it more easily accessible. You can start writing on topics for which you are the subject matter expert and can easily dig into more depth and address the audience’s issue over time.

Website/Blog Development

After finalizing the niche & audience for your blog, you need to focus on the website development phase. There are many ifs and buts in the process, but from starting onwards, you can focus on getting the best deal for your blog name protection and the best hosting services where your targeted audience is residing.

There are many one-stop hosting solutions that will provide you with 360-degree benefits and will take care of every need for your blogging purposes. Try getting things done from these hosting portals.

Domain Registration

After you have sorted out your requirement for hosting space for your blogs, you can come down to getting a solid yet impactful domain name. Always remember key aspects that you need to consider while selecting and registering a domain name.

Don’t always go for the cheapest one; research well before investing in a domain name provider, some, on the other hand, provide hosting space too, and a combo package of the same can have a great deal & bang for your buck.

Content Creation

Blogging in 2022-23 can be a full-time profession for you to generate a handsome amount of business from it. Everyone should write and share, as each individual is proficient in some way or the other.

A blog can be a single point where you can flaunt your expertise and help millions of users online with your knowledge. In this blog, we have decoded the formula which you can follow to identify a blogging platform, figure out the content niche for the blog, how to generate quality blogs, the marketing part for it, and how you can monetize and make a business from blogs.

WordPress as a CMS

We are living in 2022, where you are no longer required to have coding knowledge for starting a blog. With the introduction of CMS, users now can have a great blog building environment where they can just drag and drop the necessary elements, and the coding will be done by the CMS itself.

WordPress is considered to be the pioneer in this segment and the most reliable as well as favorable for blogging usage.

WordPress support for a great number of themes and plugins has now been a boon to the online world. Every other website out there is being built on the WordPress platform only. Installing WordPress for your blog is just like a walk in the park.

Following are the steps which you can proceed within the Hostinger’s H-Panel:

  • In the menu section, you need to navigate through the website and then auto installer.
  • Among all the options, select WordPress from the respective list as your CMS option.
  • You will be redirected towards a new window that will have a basic form consisting of details regarding your blog. This needs to be filled out by you. After it, you can click on the install button.

Publish Content and Grow Your Blog

After the initial phase of blog setup, we need to actually get into the development part. Which is the most crucial aspect. With themes, you get tons of WordPress customizable features as per your requirement. After the installation process is over. You can log into the admin section for configuring the blog pages, website structure, and plugin installation.

  • Firstly, you need to finalize a blog theme that suits your ideology and blog niche. Here the catch is tried to be aligned more on light-weighted themes, which will leverage you on the website speed optimization part.
  • In the further step, we are actually jumping into building a blog. Where you need to build great service and secondary pages that help your users to avail services or contact you for any inquiries.
  • Back up your WordPress blogs with appropriate plugins and additional functionalities. That might help you in your journey towards creating an audience base.

Benefits of WordPress blog

  • WordPress is free

WordPress does not charge anything. It’s a constantly evolving super CMS. The community of reputed wordpress development company makes it sturdy towards all the online threats and parallelly modernizes it to avail functionality that eases the journey of developer and mere audience. 

  • Easy to use and integrate

Hosting a website is a pretty simple and aligned process. Where you can store your website on the server you deserve. For fast loading speeds, some might even leverage a CDN. 

All the current hosting providers are delivering explicit support for WordPress websites. As they accumulate a large number of shares in the online market. Find the best one that works for you. Other than that, the integration process will be just a couple of clicks away from you.

  • Collection of themes and plugins

The main advantage of using WordPress is that there are tons of themes available according to your requirement. And for each and every need, there are paid/free plugins. 

With these large chunks of goodies, it makes WordPress a better CMS than any other out there.

  • Fast and simple

Less complexity is the key to user retention. which is cracked by WordPress, And they have focused on building a simple yet advanced CMS. That takes very less time for users to onboard and start having a website by themselves. 

Having a code-optimized CMS like this helps you to gain a better position over the search engines also.


Blogs are the best source of information for users and a perfect representation for subject matter experts. You can leverage a blog in multiple ways and monetize it for your business model too. 

You have learned how to develop and release a blog in this guide. And we will constantly be releasing more such topics for you to understand WordPress at its best. 

In 2022 the era of website development is diverted to LCNC. Where there are reusable code and development can be done by just drag and drop interface.

Robert Smith

I am an online marketing expert working with different brands to grow their business.

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