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How to select the right dip powder starter kit?

There are so many wonderful brands and nail dip powder starter kits to choose from. However, some of them just have higher quality, a wider range of colors, or are more practical for a beginning. All of these considerations are essential to keep in mind when selecting and purchasing the best nail dipping powder kit. You’ve come to the right place if you’ve previously gone through some nail dip powder reviews and done your part of the research or if this is your first time buying a dip powder nails kit. This guide will assist you in selecting the most appropriate product for you.


What are dip powder nails?

The real benefit of the dip powder nails kit is that, unlike gels, they don’t require UV curing or sealing. Instead, your nails will get painted using a three-week-lasting pigmented and durable powder (which, of course, is a lot longer than the usual two weeks when using gels and acrylics). Although the technique for the application varies slightly from salon to salon, here’s what you can usually expect:

  1. The nails are washed and filed first, ensuring that any excess oils or lacquer are fully removed.
  2. Each nail is given a base coat, and then the pigmented powder of your preference is applied one by one while the nails are still wet. This procedure is repeated until the desired color is achieved (typically two coats), tapping off any leftover powder between applications.
  3. A couple of applications of top coat and an activator/sealant complete the nails (this varies on the exact formula you use).
  4. After drying, a final coat of top coat is applied to seal everything in (prefer: something glossy and shiny to enhance your powder mani).


Can you do dip powder nails at home?


You certainly can. But do keep in mind that at-home dip powder kits necessitate a significant amount of patience and time (you can take help from different video tutorials). If you’re a little worried, get your first dip powder manicure done at a salon so you can get a feel for the technique and the end effect before attempting a complete DIY with it. Of course, if you’re willing to pay attention to every direction and detail and are willing to take your time, an at-home dip powder manicure is a great option. Now that you’ve learned about powder starter kits, let’s look at the factors to consider while choosing the best dip powder starter kits.


dip powder starter kit

1. Budget


Yes, it all starts with one question: how much am I ready to spend on a new nail dip powder kit? Setting a budget while buying any product is essential. We all know that the bigger the budget, the better the quality or the quantity of the kit (more number of products). A dip powder manicure will normally charge you around 45$ in most salons, thus buying a dip powder kit will almost save you between 30–50 nail salon visits, saving you money? Yes, absolutely.


2. Safety


Dip powders were introduced as a safer and healthier alternative to acrylic and gel polish for nails. When working with traditional acrylics, liquid monomers are required, which have a noxious odor and contain harsh chemicals. Dip powders, unlike regular acrylics, are odorless and stick to the nail surfaces with a unique kind of glue.


3. Practical


The dip powder nails kit you choose should not only be variety and of good quality, but also practical and easy to use for both beginners and pros. If your kit doesn’t include a brush saver, any seasoned dip powder user will tell you that the glue/base brush will be the first to go. The brush saver will restore your brush to new condition, but without it, you will need to replace the entire brush just after doing a few manicures.


4. Durability


We all want our dip powder starter kits to be durable and long-lasting when we choose them. Choose a high-quality dip powder brand kit if you don’t want your dip powder nails to be manicure to chip after a few days of application. The majority of high-quality powder bands last for a long time (at least 2 weeks). Dip powder nails can last anywhere from 14 to 21 days without chipping or lifting (when applied correctly).


There’s no problem in trying with a few manicure techniques, especially dip powder nails, as long as you go to a salon that utilizes safe products and uses a gentle removal process. You’ll never know what’s ideal for your nails unless you try it. If you are looking for buying dip powder nails kit, here’s our recommendation about NuGenesis Nails, a home for quality Dip Powder, Lacquer & Gel Nails, professional nail supplies & long-lasting nail kits at the best prices. For more information, and to place your orders for dip powder starter kits, visit https://nugenesisnails.com/ today.


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