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How to Save Thunderbird Emails as EML in Bulk?

Do you want to save the Thunderbird email as EML file? Have you just begun using Mozilla Thunderbird? and attempting to determine how to bulk export Thunderbird emails to EML? Look for thorough instructions with relevant screenshots. The freeway for exporting emails from Thunderbird to an EML file may be found here.

Users typically utilize Mozilla Thunderbird, a free desktop-based mail client. Mozilla Thunderbird saves files locally in the MBOX format without an extension even though it supports the MBOX and EML file formats.

Why is it necessary to save emails from Thunderbird in EML format?

  • Users only need to obtain the specific file they want to export in the EML file format.
  • The data structure will never be changed by the EML file format, which is very easy to transfer and receive.
  • Because EML files are easy to use and adaptable, the majority of email clients support them.
  • An MBOX file maintains a group of emails, whereas an EML file represents a single email.
  • Compared to MBOX, EML is supported by far more email clients.

Export Thunderbird Emails to EML Format Using Manual Methods

There are two straightforward methods for saving Thunderbird messages into EML files. Pick the most convenient solution that satisfies your demands and is easy to use.

Method 1: Using “Save as” Option

Step 1: Choose the right emails you want to convert, and then use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+A to select all of the emails in a certain folder.
Step 2 – Next, while still holding down the right mouse button, click on the emails you wish to save and then select the Save As icon.
Final step: click Select Folder after choosing the location where you wish to save the EML files.

Method 2: Making Use of a Free Add-On

Mozilla Thunderbird often offers a free Add-on called

In Thunderbird, “ImportExportTools NG” is regularly used to carry out various tasks. You must first download and install ImportExportTools on your computer before using this free Add-On.

Step 1: Installing the Add-on ImportExport Tool

  1. Choose Tools from the taskbar and then choose Add-ons from the drop-down menu (If the menu does not appear, press the ALT key.)
  2. ImportExportTool NG can be found by clicking the Settings icon.
  3. Install the NG Add-on after downloading it using the Add to Thunderbird button.
    Then click Restart Now.

Step 2: Export Thunderbird emails into EML files using the ImportExport tool

  1. Mozilla Thunderbird allows you to choose the desired folder.
  2. Right-click it and select ImportExportTools NG. All messages in the folder can be exported in EML format.
  3. Choose the folder where you want to store the converted EML files.
  4. Click Choose Folder after selecting the location where you want to save the transformed EML files (Make sure to save the files inside a folder).
  5. The folder’s emails are all exported as EML files.

How to Export Thunderbird Emails in EML Format Professionally?

It is simple to save Thunderbird emails into EML files. Even while you can complete the entire procedure manually, there is no guarantee that your crucial data will be saved in EML format. You may have converted some of your data to EML format. But not all of it, and those that haven’t are still not particularly important.

Furthermore, it costs too much time to convert MBOX to EML format.

Additionally, a businessman cannot afford the time it takes to export emails to EML format. Consequently, we advise using the Xen MBOX Converter Wizard to swiftly resolve your issue and guarantee that all of your crucial data is easily copied to the EML format.

Important Points to Know!

Creating a BACKUP of the source files is essential in all Outlook email migration scenarios. Such as MBOX to PST, OST to PST, EML to PST, and others. Therefore, make sure to retain backups of MBOX files, especially before using any manual techniques.

Both people’s personal and professional lives depend on email clients. It is a crucial component of communication that cannot be replaced. Therefore, wasting time when changing from one email client to another is not advised. You can either use a free manual technique that requires Outlook to read the MBOX files of 20+ email clients in MS Outlook. Alternately, use a secure, automated method to convert MBOX to PST.


In the phases of the following article, we will discuss a solution to the query both manually and professionally. Additionally, we have put together and prepared a step-by-step guide for consumers to easily finish the conversion. The transfer process can be finished by professionals of any technical or non-technical background.

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