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How to Relocate during Pregnancy

How stressful it can get to shift things from one place to another? It can be problematic. But this problem can increase ten folds when you are pregnant and have to manage the whole shift by yourself.

Becoming a parent is one of the best things that can happen to a person. And becoming pregnant is a lot of responsibility. With a slight mistake, things can become complicated for you. While planning a household relocation, you must take great care of a lot of things such as food, medicines, routine, and health status. Being pregnant and relocating at the same time is a risky task, but with a little bit of care, you can pull this off well. Here are a few tips that can help you with household shifting while you are pregnant. Check them out.

Tips to Help You Relocate Safely while Pregnant

Visit the Doctor

Before you can start planning the move, it is important that you relate this to your gynecologist. The doctor looking over you would like to know whether you are planning something big. They have the medical history of your health status, and that needs to be checked and made sure that you don’t put your and your kid’s health at risk.

The doctor will check you accordingly to your condition and then provide you with the plans and medicines. It is after checking your health that medicines will be prescribed to you for the journey. This is an important step as you are not taking a vacation but relocating the house completely. During pregnancy, one may go through a lot of emotions. It is quite normal, but a drastic change such as relocation can make things severe for you. In such cases, it is best to talk to your doctor instead. They will know how to counsel you and provide you with the right kind of help.

Give yourself some space

Pregnancy means taking care of yourself and your baby. While relocate, you may forget that and instead, drown yourself in packing and cleaning of the stuff. This can amount to anxiety or stress, which can disturb the body analytics.

To avoid severe issues, you should give yourself some space. Take things slowly. Do one thing at a time and for that, you will have to start a bit earlier. This way you will have time to pack while giving your body to relax and recuperate. You need to plan in such a way that it doesn’t harm your body in any way. Take out time to exercise and walk for a few minutes. You can hire packers and movers so that you get time to get the task done without feeling any pressure.

Even while planning the move, make sure you don’t shift during the first trimester, as that can be a big problem for you. You must try and give yourself some space, and you are not burdened by the household relocation at all.

Pack Pregnancy Kit for the Moving Day

During pregnancy, there are a lot of things that a woman should keep handy. When you are busy in packing and shifting things, it is quite natural to forget about such small yet important stuff. Prepare an emergency kit holding everything that you may need while you are preparing for the move. The evening snacks, medicines, fluids, food, massage oil, socks, etc., and such items that you can’t do without.

Before you start packing the essential items, you should prepare a list that you will need. Pack this big separately and don’t mingle it with other items, that will be shipped off to the destination separately. These are some of the things that you know well, and you won’t have to ask around to find them. For smooth, hassle-free moving, you can keep this bag close to you.

Don’t Move Heavy Items

It is advised that pregnant women don’t get involved in heavy lifting or moving. It can not only lead to body aches but also put fetus and woman’s health at risk. So, one must avoid heavy lifting or even pushing the heavy items from one place to another. For this, you can ask someone else to do it for you or hire a packer and mover to do it for you.

When you are pregnant, it is not the right time for you to deal with the shifting of things. You shouldn’t bend or lift things. You can hire a moving company to help you with the lifting work instead. The packers and movers in Pune will help in lifting heavy items, packing, and then loading them carefully into the carrier truck. Once the items reach their destination, they will also help in unloading and placement of the things in the room. You won’t have to worry about dealing with them alone. Instead, you can focus on simple things such as packing overnight bags, wardrobe, etc.

Hire Cleaning Services

One must take special care for cleaning the place up. Whether old or new, the place must be spotless before the pregnant woman can shift there. A clean environment is what a pregnant woman should stay in. So, it becomes very important for one to clean the whole place up before one can shift there.

To stay away from the dust and allergies caused by the dust, one must hire cleaning services. Move out of the place when the cleaning team comes to do the job. As pregnancy can lower immunity levels, it is best to stay out of the cleaning business. You can also call a maid or hired labor for this purpose.


Having a packer and mover by your side during the move can be beneficial to you in many ways. You have to take care of one thing, and that is to pick the right kind of moving company for the task. Half of your problem will solve instantly once you have a moving company to deal with the to relocate. Managing things when you are pregnant can be a bit problematic in the long run and to avoid any complications you should take help as much as you can get. Get things sorted and hire the packing and moving services, for a hassle-free shift.

Author: Monali Swain

Monali Swain

Monali Swain is a Digital Marketing Executive at DR Infosoft Pvt. Ltd. Currently, she is serving her work for various business and service-oriented websites like transportation, real estate, pest control, health care etc. You can see her potential through her work. Check her profile for more.

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