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How to prepare for CLAT 2022 without CLAT Online Coaching

How to prepare for CLAT 2022 without CLAT Online Coaching - Learning Strategy and Peak Points

Start your preparation for CLAT 2022 early & today and secure a seat in Top NLUs by Taking CLAT Exam. CLAT, also known as the Common Law Admission Test, is a chance to get into some of the best law schools in the country, as well as some of the best educational institutions. Without coaching, preparing for CLAT 2022 is difficult, but not impossible provided you have a solid plan and strategy in place.

Enrolling in coaching centres to prepare for admission examinations such as CLAT, AILET, and SLAT is becoming increasingly popular these days. The fear of failure among applicants and their parents has also been exploited by coaching centres in order to promote CLAT preparation courses.


Cracking-Up CLAT Myths

NLUs are the most well-known institutes in India for legal education. They are equivalent to India’s IITs in terms of engineering education. CLAT, or Common Law Admission Test, is administered by the Consortium of NLUs for admission to these prominent colleges. As a result, hundreds of students take the test for admission to the renowned NLUs every year, oblivious to the misconceptions that surround it. But what exactly are these urban legends? Is it necessary for us to pay attention to it? All of the fallacies will be debunked in this post, and you’ll learn why CLAT is still at the top of the list of national-level examinations in India.

The Biggest Myth about CLAT is that the Exam cannot get cleared without CLAT Online Coaching.

Following are the Myths for CLAT Exam that need to break out-

#1: Law is the most difficult profession to master!

Those who didn’t believe didn’t try, and those who did try never looked back! Though legal studies are not easy, it would be incorrect to imply that success in the subject is unattainable. We all know that expert counsel is essential for pursuing higher education, but occasionally those who guide you may mislead you before you ever attempt it.

#2: Fewer Opportunities

Do you agree with this? If you answered yes, then you haven’t fully investigated the topic of study, my buddy. So, if you’ve been hanging on to a bias, now is the moment to let go. Aspiring lawyers have access to a plethora of options that others may overlook. For starters, law students can pursue a variety of careers in the field of law, including practising law, judicial service, civil service, legal consultant, teacher or professor, defence services, and much more. As a legal aspirant, you will have a plethora of chances and will be able to easily thrive in the profession.

#3: Have a thorough understanding of the law.

CLAT is an aptitude exam, thus you don’t need to be an expert on the law to take it. The Common Law Admission Test, or CLAT, assesses your potential rather than your legal knowledge. To pass CLAT, you must first have a fundamental awareness of India’s legal system, which does not need any expertise. CLAT assesses applicants’ verbal, quantitative, reasoning, and analytical abilities, as well as current events and general knowledge. So concentrate on honing these abilities so that you have a decent chance of passing the CLAT.

#4: Legal Studies is only for those with a Humanities/Arts background!

Law is one of the few subjects of study in which any student, regardless of academic background, can pursue. Law is not a stream-based career choice, but it is a sector with enormous promise for students who want to pursue a legal profession and have the capacity to think critically and ahead of others. To become a lawyer, you must have excellent reasoning abilities since you must analyse and consider many circumstances from various perspectives in order to reach a conclusion. So, if you’re interested in pursuing a profession with unrivalled and inconceivable benefits, law is the field for you.

#5: You need special abilities to clear the CLAT.

CLAT does not need any specialised skills or outstanding intelligence. Though you will need to develop and practise specific skills in order to pass the exam, intelligence is intrinsic, and there is nothing you can do about it. You only need to be thorough with the subjects, practise those abilities, and be driven to pass CLAT. Solve practise tests and sample exam papers to improve your fundamental abilities and crack CLAT.

How to Study at Home for CLAT 2022?

A self-study guide of strategies, tactics, and recommended books that a student should consider during self-study for CLAT Preparation.

  • Begin early- As you are well aware, there is no tomorrow. If you want to attend one of the best law schools in the country, you need to begin preparing right now. Procrastination should be avoided at all costs. You have an entire year at home to practise.
  • Make a Strategy– It is stated that a goal without a strategy is nothing more than a dream. A one-hour planning session might save you ten hours of work. Make a suitable plan structure that will make execution easier and clearer.
  • Know the Exam Format- As you may be aware, the CLAT 2022 Exam pattern has changed. A few adjustments have been made to the exam’s syllabus and structure. Keep yourself informed about the changes because they have a significant impact on the candidate’s preparation and performance.
  • Preparation by Subject- The CLAT Syllabus is broken into five sections.
  1. English 
  2. Current events, as well as general knowledge
  3. Legal Reasoning
  4. Reasoning logically
  5. Quantitative Ability

Conclusion – 

By reading this article, we can simply say that Preparing for CLAT without CLAT Online Coaching is just a Myth.

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