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How to Make A Dating App That People Would Like To Use in Just 6 Steps

With this competition in our minds, we need to think about ways to Make A Dating App to draw customers, get them to sign up, and generate the anticipated income.

In the first place, you must create a dating app that is targeted at a certain but adequate group of people. You can focus on matching people with specific preferences, interests, or relationships, or offer group dates if are planning to create an application for dating with greater confidence.

These are the key steps to creating an effective dating app:

Step 1. Perform Market Research

This means that you need to be innovative to make cash from the development of dating apps. Additionally, your app must not only be unique however, it should also be extremely user-friendly.

Do you want to know how to build an app for dating that can meet the needs of users? Consider the following factors in the market to consider:

  1. More divorced people have more opportunities to look for a new companion by making use of online dating sites.
  2. The Generation X is more likely to be focused on their work and go on informal dates using apps for dating to cut down on time.

Analyze market trends as well as demographics (male-female ratio income, age and so on. ) as well as psychometric parameters to build an accurate portrait of the user.

Step 2. Review the Competitors

As previously mentioned, you can learn from the top dating apps in the market and check their features and monetization strategies, as well as their strengths and weaknesses.

It’s worth noting that Match Group is a major market player. Most dating applications (Tinder, OkCupid, Plenty of Fish, etc.) are controlled by Match Group. Match Group. The company in 2021 had more than 11 million paid-for dating users around the world. They are continuing to expand through international acquisitions such as Meetic within Europe as well as Eureka located in Japan.

Facebook is developing its own dating platform also. It will suggest dates based on forthcoming events, personal information, and personal interests.

Step 3: Verify the Dating App Idea

The process of creating a new app can be difficult; you don’t know how the app will work, or if it will be embraced by the users.

To do this, you could simply ask your users you can create a dating application that will meet their requirements.

Do a few polls and ask the users directly what features they’d like to see and the elements they consider important. This will allow you to develop a powerful user matchmaking algorithm, and also clarify what are the USPs that you have in your dating application.

To reduce the chance of making a mistake and going in the wrong direction, develop the personal Lean Canvas, used to visually convey the desire and feasibility of your concept. The method is comprised of 9 blocks each one of which addresses any of the nine elements of your concept

  • The most important issue that users face
  • Your solution
  • Unique selling points
  • Your app’s benefit
  • Advertising channels
  • Audience segment
  • Cost
  • The most important indicators of the success
  • Revenue channels

Step 4. Design an Dating App Create a design

The user experience (UX) must be carefully thought out in regards to the way users move between screens in apps. Its user interface (UI) must be able to support the functionality of the app.

 You should consider these suggestions for professional advice:

  • Utilize the latest trends, such as blurred backgrounds, transparent elements as well as swipe navigation
  • Utilize positive and lively color schemes
  • Make use of interactive elements to communicate with your target audience
  • Include simple and simple-to-understand information onboarding.
  • Make sure to focus on gestures for interaction with apps and engagement
Dating App Details Unique Selling Points & Features
1. Tinder $1.4 billion in revenue in 2020
valued at $44.59 billion in 2021
iOS 3.8 / Google Play 3.0
instant chats with matches
100 likes per 12 hrs for free
monetization: freemium with unlimited likes for $10-$20
2. Match.com 22M users
among top-rated dating websites
iOS 3.8 / Google Play 3.4/ Web
Around Me feature shows other users nearby
$44.99/ month for full service access
3. OkCupid 10M users
has a monthly download of 448k in 2021
iOS 4.3 / Google Play 3.7
first dating app to introduce 22 gender and 13 orientation options
concentration on info-rich profiles (300-question polls)
advanced search and filtering system
4. Grindr 27M users/ 6 million active users in 234 countries
app is valued at $620 million
iOS 4.6 / Google Play 3.9
user blocking & staring
users can find like-minded members in Grindr’s “Tribe” feature
ad-free monetization & subscription starts at $19.99/ month to $99.99/ year
5. Bumble 22M users
the best dating app in India
iOS 4.2 / Google Play 2.9
match expires in 24 hours
dating, friend-finding, & career building possibilities (Bumble; Bumble BFF; Bumble BIZZ)
rejection of hate speech

Step 5: Design an Engaging Functionality

The best way to build an app for dating that will engage users is to add the possibility of gamification (e.g. swipes left and right in the Tinder application).

Create a feature that stimulates behavior on top of the basic capabilities of the dating app. For instance, offer rewards for users who log onto the site, makes an impressive profile, writes messages, or does other actions. Encourage users to use high quality pictures for their profiles.

Additionally, customized feeds as well as a unique matchmaking feature and app moments could assist in increasing engagement of users.

Step 6: Develop an Marketing Plan

Don’t forget to create promotional campaigns to spread information about your app beforehand.For greater reach it is possible to utilize different promotional methods to spread the word about your dating service application including:

  • Use social media (in communities as well as by creating a promotion site for your business)
  • Contacting the influencers, creating paid advertisements
  • Establishing networks for referrals
  • Event management
  • Design of landing pages and content marketing

A highly effective ways to let the world know of your product is through to provide high-quality content that has been designed to be indexed by search engines.

Are you interested in knowing how to make your dating app that is as secure and secure as it can be? Take these aspects to be considered:

  • Security for users Includes profile verifications and filtering messages (either manually or automatically to block hate speech) the option to ban as well as a blacklist option. It is important to block nudity as well as other unacceptable content.
  • Privacy and security of your data Use the highest security standards when developing apps to prevent leaks of information and abuses. Additionally, you must request permission to use personal information and specify the reason for why and how it is kept within the application. This applies particularly with the European market in which apps must be compliant with GDPR (General Data Protection Policy).

How Much Money Can Dating Apps Earn?

According to statistics the market for dating apps is booming and has users who are willing to pay money to find a companion.

When you are calculating the development costs for your dating app when planning your budget or fundraising, it is necessary to sketch out the plan for ROI.

If you’re interested in learning how to make an app for dating that can bring in money think about these revenue streams:

1. Advertising

The most efficient method is to use affiliate networks. It is possible to show interesting and relevant offers in cafes, bars, stores and florists, jewelry stores and so on. Rewards are typically paid by the affiliate company on installs or clicks.

2. Freemium model

Users are billed either on a monthly or an annually. The model also offers options like unlimited swipes, profile showcases, and an ads-free version of the app.

3. Gifts and purchases in-app

One option is to design virtual gifts. Another alternative is to take a break and organize speed-dating meetings, events or meetups or integrate with booking or delivery systems (e.g. selling tickets for concerts taxi services, restaurant reservations etc. ).

4. Sponsorship

This method can be employed after the app has grown in popularity and users. After that, you can reach out to sponsors from other spheres of influence to have their advertisements placed in the app.

Final thought

Cost to create an dating application in the year 2022 highly depends on a lot of different factors that comes from client side and the developers side. For that reason, it isn’t easy to predict development cost. If you want to learn more about the same, all you need to do is contact an  Dating app development company  who will help you with the same.


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