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How to Maintain the Longevity of a Motorhome?

How to Maintain the Longevity of a Motorhome?

A motorhome is a self-propelled recreational vehicle that resembles a trailer for habitation and has many of the amenities of a home. A motorhome has a kitchen, beds, storage area, bathroom, and a driving cab with seats for the driver and passenger. It has enough space for people to live comfortable during the day and at night.

Maintenance, storage, and security for motorhomes

Maintenance is crucial as significant investment is made to buy a motorhome. Frequent use of motorhomes causes damage to the parts over time. If you want to keep your motorhome safe, you should consistently adhere to the necessary repair and maintenance plan. Here are some quick maintenance tips from Campervan Repairs that you can consider:

  1. To ensure your safety while driving, regularly check tyre pressures and tighten up the lug nuts
  2. Maintain the brakes of your motorhome
  3. Recharge and monitor the battery performance
  4. Keep the wastewater system up to date and always use the appropriate chemicals
  5. Seasonal oil changes are recommended to keep everything lubricated
  6. Change the coolant, hydraulic filter, air filter, and oil filters on a seasonal basis
  7. Clean the slide out on a regular basis so dirt does not build up around the seals

Rust damage to the motorhome

Rust is a serious threat to the condition of a motorhome. It is a serious problem from both an aesthetic and safety perspective. Rust occurs because of the oxidation of the steel when it is exposed to water or moisture in the air. Rust can destroy a motorhome in just a few years due to bad weather conditions like long, chilly, and wet winters and salt-gritted roads. Severe rust results in expensive repair costs.

Factors that trigger automobile rust

1. Water

Water is a major factor of corrosion and can be incredibly harmful to the condition of a motorhome. The metal oxidizes and rust begins to develop when areas of your car are exposed to water-containing elements, such as rain, snow, ice, or moisture in the air.

2. Road Debris

Stone fragments create a perfect weak spot on the motorhome’s body. These fragments strike the exterior and create an ideal condition for rust to establish itself. This condition damages your motorhome, and it will affect the functionality of your motorhome in one way or another.

3. Oxidation of ice

During winters, road salt is frequently applied to combat ice on the roads. Electrochemical reactions take place from the interaction of salt and melted ice. This triggers oxidation and hence the corrosion speeds up.

4. Condensation

Condensation occurs due to the difference in the temperature inside and outside of your car. Warm air from inside the car interacts with the cold windscreen. The water vapors turn into actual water that causes window frames, appliances, and furniture to corrode.

What do rustproofing service providers offer?

Professional motorhome rust treatment from Campervan Repairs with highly efficient experts is of the gold standard. Rustproofing professional treatment includes a thorough inspection of the motorhome to look for the parts that require repair. A high-pressure air hose is used to remove dirt, flaking paint, and grease buildup on the motorhome. Rustproofing is then carried out on the motorhome surface. The type of rust treatment depends upon the area that is being treated.

Rustproofing service providers offer:

  1. Undercarriage steam cleaning
  2. Removal of any embedded winter salt crystals
  3. Traffic Film Remover to make sure all grease and dirt are removed
  4. Removal of all plastic undertray and wheel arch liners
  5. Removal of any loose layered rust and old flaking coatings
  6. Drying the motorhome using a warm air blast dryer or infrared heat
  7. Application of Carolan Pure underbody rustproofing
  8. Convert the rust with Fe-123 molecular rust converter
  9. Injection of HOT Carolan Active cavity wax in sills, subframes, door pillars, doors, quarter panels, bonnets, and boot/hatch doors
  10. Reinstallation of all removed plastics and cleanup of any applied visible wax
  11. Motorhome washing

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Final thoughts:

Motorhomes might be a fun thing to live in but they need regular maintenance that guarantees optimal operation. If you do not want to be stranded in the middle of nowhere then you must take action right away. Motorhome rust treatment is of high significance. Campervan Repairs have various facilities to protect your motorhome with their expert maintenance services.


Campervan Habitation makes certain to back up our work. All repairs come with a full 90-day labour warranty, as well as a parts warranty. We honour all manufacturer warranties and provide core refunds for parts and batteries. Parts warranties may vary, depending on the manufacturer.

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