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How to get citizenship in Saudi Arabia

How to get citizenship law in Saudi Arabia, formally known as the Saudi citizenship system, is a law that defines Saudi citizenship. Citizenship is granted to foreign nationals if they meet certain conditions and requirements.

How to get citizenship in Saudi Arabia

Anyone who was born or resides in Saudi Arabia from the year 1 AH to the year 2/3/8 AH, provided they do not have foreign citizenship before that date.

By birth

A child born in Saudi Arabia to a non-Saudi father and a Saudi mother is eligible for Saudi citizenship upon reaching adulthood if he meets the following conditions:

  • Permanent residence.
  • Be fluent in Arabic.
  • Grandfather must be Saudi.
  • Get approval from the country’s top official (King).

In Saudi Arabia, children born to unknown parents are automatically granted citizenship until their parents are identified. Children born to foreign nationals do not have the right to citizenship, but if they have a Saudi father, they can be granted citizenship.

Before the 1970s, anyone born in Saudi Arabia had the right to citizenship. They must apply for citizenship at the age of 18 and before reaching the age of 19.

By descent

Children born to a Saudi father or an anonymous or stateless father and a Saudi mother can become Saudi citizens if the conditions are met.

By marriage

A foreign woman who marries a Saudi man has the right to citizenship, provided she renounces her foreign citizenship. Saudi women who relinquish their citizenship after marriage to a foreign husband (marriage must last 10 years and have 3 children) have the right to acquire Saudi citizenship if they divorce or return to Saudi Arabia. Citizenship can only be applied if you are an adult.

By naturalization

An alien can apply for citizenship if he meets the following conditions:

  • Above puberty.
  • They generally have mental abilities.
  • Legal residence for 10 consecutive years.
  • Have a legal way to live.
  • This is generally considered moral.
  • Has no criminal record or has ever been sentenced to more than six months in prison.
  • Read, write and speak in Arabic.

The request is being forwarded to the Prime Minister, who is being consulted by the Interior Ministry. They may reject or reject the request without any reason. Women with Saudi citizenship have the right to Saudi citizenship and their young children will become Saudi themselves if they live in the country.

If their children do not live in the country, remain non-Saudis, and have the right to acquire Saudi citizenship after reaching the age of puberty, if they have the citizenship of that country, have female relatives whose Saudi citizenship is in the custody of the guardian. Be as they also have the right to citizenship.

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Loss of citizenship

The loss of Saudi citizenship may be due to one of the following reasons: [citation needed]

  • He works for another country’s army.
  • Works for the government of another country.
  • Holds another country’s passport without the king’s permission.
  • Dual citizenship is only allowed in a foreign country that confirms/applies for citizenship by birth.

Saudi nationals cannot relinquish their citizenship without permission. However, the government can revoke a person’s citizenship if that person is considered a terrorist threat, as in the case of Osama bin Laden.

Dual nationality

Saudis are not allowed to acquire foreign citizenship without the consent of the prime minister. If a Saudi citizen acquires foreign citizenship without this permission, he is considered a Saudi, without the Saudi government revoking his Saudi citizenship under Article 13: Acquiring foreign citizenship without the permission of the Prime Minister. He works for another country’s army. It works for the foreign government during the war with Saudi Arabia. He is working for a foreign government or an international organization, despite orders from the Saudi government to resign.

Travel freedom

In 2018, Saudi nationals had access to 74 countries and territories at the time of entry without a visa or visas, which ranks the Saudi Passport 60th in the world according to the Visa Restrictions Index.

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