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How To Find Amazon Influencers – Proven Tips

You’ve probably searched everywhere for influencers that can help promote your product through YouTube, Instagram and TikTok but what is the case with Amazon?

Amazon is a giant in retail in the field of online shopping. Their platform is a great one for influencers collaboration with content creators in order to promote your product on Amazon and can take your company’s image to the highest level.

Influencer marketing is an excellent method to let people know about your brand and even help with buying decisions.

In reality, 45.5% of micro influencers said they’ve tried something that an influencer recommended to them.

Influencer marketing is a sure-fire way to succeed! Let’s look into how to locate Amazon influencers that you can work with.

What is an Amazon Influencer?

Amazon influencers are usually members of the Amazon Influencer Program. They can be classified into any type (or kind) of influencer. However, Amazon requires that they have an account on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook account to be eligible.

After joining the program influencers will be able to promote products on the company’s Amazon Store by setting up their own Amazon storefront.

Through their online storefront, customers can make lists of ideas for recommendations for products and earn commissions whenever eligible purchases are made.

How To Find Amazon Influencers

The search for an influencer that represents your brand in a positive way is crucial! It could be difficult to locate the ideal influencer Here are some strategies to begin your search:

Explore Creators on Amazon

To locate Amazon influencers, begin by looking through the #FoundItOnAmazon site and then going through each influencer’s official profile.

Some are able to have their Instagram handles displayed on their profiles, so you will have a better idea about the kind of posts they make as well as who their fans are, and what they are engaging with.

You can also visit Amazon.com and search for “Amazon Lives” to see the creators who are live-streaming via Amazon.

Here, you can scroll through various livestreams categorized by subject, ranging from the Featured Creators up to Fashion & Beauty and more.

When you view live streams you’ll be able observe the number of viewers and who’s commenting. You can also go to the person’s profile on the site to learn more about them.

Amazon also offers shout-outs to the top live streamers through their Instagram account, @amazonlive.

Remember that the majority of these influencers are famous – they will have thousands or millions of followers. They could not be the perfect choice for every company or budget.

Collaboration with micro-influencers has been proven to result in more engagement than celebrities, and that’s the key metric to think about when you want to gain the maximum reach and effect.

Know Who Your Audience Is

Amazon influencers don’t just publish on Amazon. They also advertise themselves on a range of social media platforms (like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and many more).

Look at the people who follow your brand’s posts on social media. Which of them is most interested in your content?

Are they following or connecting with? Knowing your current customers can help you determine the kinds of partnerships that could be worth exploring and assist in narrowing down your options.

There is a chance that you have Amazon influencers in your current followers . And in the event that they are within your field of expertise, working with them might be a good match.

Search Hashtags

Hashtags are an excellent place to begin your search for influential individuals. They can help users on social media form communities, hold discussions about particular topics and locate people with similar interests to interact with.

If you’re looking to locate Amazon influencers that are currently using the products you offer, begin with creating your own brand hashtags that others can utilize in their posts.

For influencers that aren’t familiar with or with your brand, search for popular hashtags that are related to your industry, brand and your niche.

Alongside hashtags like #amazonfinds as well as hashtags like #amazon influencer #amazonambass to find out which are currently active on Amazon.


After you’ve identified the influencers you’d like to collaborate with, the job isn’t over yet.

The next step is to present them, work out details for collaboration and payment and send them merchandise as well as monitor and follow campaigns, and so on.

This can help you simplify the process of identifying influencers and running your campaign.

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