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How To Choose The Curtain Design That Compliments The Interior Of Your Home

Got the perfect interior for your living room, kitchen and bedroom? But something is missing — the curtains!! Curtains are simply the essential element of the entire home decor. They are one of those elements that can make or break your room’s overall ambience. There are endless options available in the market, from sheer curtains to heavy textile fabric curtains. But, you can not choose anything without planning. Understand the basics of choosing the perfect curtain that suits your home’s interior and fulfils your need.


Choose the right fabric

The fabric plays a vital role in your room’s aura. Choose sheer, cotton and medium-weight fabrics if you want to give your living space a modern yet elegant feel. And for a traditional sense, choose a little heavier fabric like velvet, silk and rayon. Keep in mind how much sunlight you want in your room. Thin fabrics hardly block the light, and the thick fabrics adhere to the sunlight in the room.


Select the ideal length

Before curtain shopping, ensure you take the exact measurements of your windows and doors to avoid extra back and forth to the merchant. Floor-length curtains are very common these days. Choose a few inches longer curtains that puddle to the floor to add a more dramatic touch to your room.


Choose the colour wisely

If your wall has a lot of attractive elements on it and you don’t want to intercept the look of your wall, choose the colour that matches the wall. It will add a serene monochromic look to your decor. For a more versatile solution, choose a neutral print and colour. It will work with almost every wall colour and decor. You can find plenty of options available in the market. And if you want to add contrast to your room, choose one or two shades darker than your wall colour. You can counterbalance it by adding simple embellishments like ribbon trims etc.



Choosing a fabric is very important, but you should consider its maintenance also. Usually, curtains need to be cleaned once a month. Choose the curtain which can be easily washed. Cotton and synthetic fabric are easily washed, while wool, velvet, sheer, and silk fabric need little extra effort.


Know the difference between curtains & Drapes

Drapes and curtains are two different things. Curtains are lightweight, while drapes are made with considerably denser fabrics. Curtains are usually used to enhance the overall look of your living space, and drapes can be used to guard your privacy. You can use drapes in your bedroom, while in the dining and living area, you can consider lightweight door curtains to give the perfect ambience. So the next time you do curtain shopping, remember the difference between the drapes and curtains.


Remember these key points while selecting the right curtains for your home’s interior. Just know the basics such as the fabric type, colour, print, etc. And select the right choice that compliments the interior of your home.

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