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How to build SEO strategy

SEO strategy, in the traditional sense of the word, includes the definition of the vector of development and the sequence of steps that implement this vector. The purpose of building an SEO strategy is to promote the site, which is achieved by a set of digital marketing solutions.

General principles of SEO strategy.

The most important elements of SEO promotion, regardless of strategy, are:

  • analysis of competitors (semantic core, structure, links, entry points, etc.);
  •  collection of semantics;
  •  creation of SEO-content, and meta-data.

As with any planning, when promoting a website, it is necessary to set goals and determine the budget for their implementation. Setting a goal is necessary. So that over time it is clear how much the efforts have justified themselves. Otherwise, what else needs to be done to increase the return on the work being done. It would be wrong to say that there are some secret SEO strategies from which you can choose one that guarantees quick success. Moreover, each case is unique in its own way and general schemes are not always effective. However, a competent approach to optimization. Which involves the right balance of tools and approaches, and allows you to achieve better results in a shorter time.

SEO strategy for startups.

The goal of any new site is exponential development. This determines the features of promotion for this type of strategy:

  • creating the maximum possible number of landing pages;
  •  work on increasing the number of entry points to the site;
  • link building.

Content is an important component of promotion, but working with it requires a lot of time. Since the goal of the strategy under consideration is a quick start, deep content development can be postponed to a later stage. If the site already has at least 10 TICs, is in the lead for some queries, and is in the top 30 for a large number, then most likely the actions described in the previous paragraph have been completed.

SEO strategy for reputable sites.

An additional optimization is required, in connection with which the SEO strategy will include:

  •  SEO site audit;
  •  analysis of search queries;
  •  the deep study of content;
  • it is possible to optimize the site structure, involving the removal of pages that do not bring traffic;
  •  more detailed work with external links.

The initial hit in the search index occurs within 2 weeks. After which, several weeks of adjustment follow, followed by stabilization. However, for sites that have undergone additional optimization, the period that it will take for the changes to be reflected in the ranking of the resource by the search engine can take up to 4 months. If additional optimization involves a deep study of content, then in this case, depending on the volume of content and the size of the site, it may take a longer period to increase positions in the rating.

SEO strategy for online stores.

SEO strategy for online retailers has its own specifics, which is determined by:

  • a large number of pages of the same type, which requires a certain approach to working with meta-data;
  •  the constant addition of new positions to the assortment, which leads to the need to implement a set of SEO measures for each new page;
  •  removal of old, irrelevant, positions, which complicates the work with internal and external links, and also creates erroneous 404 pages that negatively affect the authority of the site;
  •  the fundamental importance of having customer reviews on the goods sold.
  •  thus, for an online store, the priorities in SEO promotion are somewhat different.

SEO strategy for market leaders.

Every large corporation, including Microsoft, Facebook, and Google, employs specialists whose field of activity includes SMM and SEO. It would seem, what should they promote if they are already monopolists and are in the top 3? Nevertheless, work in large companies does not stop for a minute.

The goals of their SEO strategy are fundamentally different from those discussed above:

  •  generation of meaningful content, that is, not just high-quality content, but creating new points of view, describing new products and their advantages;
  •  large corporate sites generate content constantly – this is what allows them to always be in the top, what forms the basis of their SEO strategy;
  •  optimization and restructuring of information on the site is a routine process that never ends.

SEO strategy for market leaders is not so much a way of marketing promotion. As an important element of interaction with users and potential customers.

The considered features of SEO strategies are important, but it is always worth remembering that the basis of any marketing promotion is high-quality and interesting content for users. With all the SEO advantages your competitors have, you can always beat them by offering better content.


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