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How to build an effective SEO strategy?

Complete guide to build an effective and powerful SEO Strategy

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an acronym for natural or organic referencing. It includes all the techniques dedicated to improving the positioning of a page or a site in search engines. In this article, we tell you an effective and powerful SEO Strategy guide.

Why talk about SEO strategy?

More and more sites are adorning the web. But it is not enough to snap your fingers to reach the first place of the podium. Or even to think of harvesting the fruit of your investment instantly. The implementation of an SEO strategy is a long-term job that cannot be improvised.

Effective SEO Strategy

Multiple techniques need to be implemented and they influence each other. SEO and content quality are inseparable.

An SEO strategy ensures a site is a good place in search engines and therefore increased visibility. If and only if the strategy has been followed properly.


An effective SEO strategy includes setting up a long enough keyword list. After a keyword search, you will be able to define the main keywords (those typed by users on the keyboard when they carry out a search) related to your sector of activity.

Using general keywords is essential, but often secondary keywords (those we don’t think of) make it possible to stand out from competitors and are therefore not to be neglected!

Marketing Strategy and Content Strategy

A marketing strategy is necessarily linked to an adapted and relevant content strategy. Content meets requirements. The texts that you will produce for your websites must be optimized in order to be as visible as possible. To understand, SEO-optimized text includes title tags, a meta description, subtitles, or even paragraphs. It is therefore a readable and well-cut article.

Be careful to also respect: the spelling, the syntax, the length of the sentences, a sufficient number of linking words, and the use of the active voice in the majority, because search engines are not fond of the passive voice.

Lengths, images, and loading times

You must take into account the length of the published texts. According to the HotSpot.com study, articles should reach between 2000 and 2500 words for SEO to be effective, but length does not mean filling!

Visuals are also to be inserted, it is necessary to think of compressing them to increase the loading speed of the site and not to forget the descriptions and the Alt tag which identify them. The technical side is important because if the pages take a long time to load, the Internet user will get bored and will surf elsewhere!

Keep in mind that the proposed content must be relevant and provide added value compared to that of competitors and must produce interactions.

Link building

You should always insert internal and external links in your articles. Internal links point to your other products or services to increase browsing time within your site and external links point to other sources with newsworthy content. Inactive links and resulting error messages should be removed.

A personalized SEO strategy

The search volumes are colossal on the internet. The goal is to ensure that your web pages appear in the best search positions taking into account the parameters indicated above. If your SEO strategy is working, your site pages will be at the top of the results. The most visited sites are those that appear on the first page and mainly in the first 3 results. Internet users rarely go further.

The key to achieving this: stand out!

The place of networks in an SEO strategy

Add as many redirects to your social networks as possible to encourage sharing and take advantage of their large-scale virality. The interactions are very numerous, fast, and affect the notoriety of the site. Adapt content so it can be viewed from all mobile devices, tablets, and computers.

Duplicate content or the number 1 enemy of SEO

Plagiarism must absolutely be avoided. Drawing inspiration from competitors is recommended, but it’s about monitoring to see what works or not with rivals in the same sector, certainly not copying content. Google sees red and you expose yourself to the latter refusing to index some of your pages.

A secure site above all!

It is also necessary to opt for HTTPS, namely a secure domain for the peace of mind of Internet users and to constantly follow developments in terms of SEO. Because all those who are directly or indirectly interested in natural referencing know that Google dictates the law and alone represents more than 90% of the search engine market share.

Tracking tools: Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a valuable tracking tool. It allows you to visualize in real-time the volume of visitors, their geographical location, their age, and the equipment they use to connect, i.e. a mine of information to observe the traffic of your site, direct your content and see if the strategy you have put in place is working or not! Some plugins inserted into the sites make it possible to check whether the SEO is sufficiently well exploited. Plugins are extensions intended to add additional functions


Building an effective SEO strategy is one of the keys to business success. A real long-term activity, it is extremely time-consuming and cannot be improvised. SEO is an art in its own right and entrusting it to professionals in order to get the most out of it is often wise.

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