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How to Build a Nail salon?

How to Build a Nail salon

According to a survey in 2022, there are approximately 500,000 formal salons in the USA – and 48% of the total is informal. The increase in nail salons has been expressive in the last 10 years, and this has generated a question: after all, how to set up a Nail salon?

There is a forecast of 4.5% growth in the number of salons by 2022 – and many want to be a part of it. Of course, the amount of competition can be scary, but it’s a fear that dissipates in two words: unexplored niches!

So, read on and learn how to set up a Nail salon!

How to set up a Nail salon:

Starting from the basics, the Nail salon requires initial planning at several points: location, target audience, products, structure, etc. For this, it is common to use the business plan, which is a document that compiles all the business information.

It is common to address specific points for the creation and maintenance of the enterprise and general points. For example, an analysis is made of the market and its positioning.

An important fact here is that 83% of the public in Nail salons is female, usually adults. However, there is a growing market for children and men that you can tap into.

Having defined your positioning, which involves the target audience, you must define your operational plan: equipment, materials, decoration, fixed expenses (water, electricity, internet, etc.) and employed professionals.

What is your positioning in the market?

Addressing planning specifically, it is important to understand one thing: a nail salon business plan has different areas of activity! For example, it can only deal with manicures, pedicures, or even hair.

In addition, there is also the definition of the market. The female audience already has many salons, but the male audience is still not equal. This allows you to serve this audience, taking advantage of the recent concern with their beauty.

There is also the children’s audience, which does not have the same attention as the adult audience. So if you turn to this target, it is important to take the special care this age group asks for.

Finally, there is the bet on sustainable products in the salon, which can position you as a conscious enterprise for the public.

And local positioning?

Another positioning that must be considered in planning is the space where the business is installed. After all, this impacts the public’s movement and the definition of social class.

For example, the installation of the salon in an upscale neighborhood is aimed at an A and/or B class audience, while in a popular neighborhood, it reaches class C. Likewise, it must provide services corresponding to each audience, as the location alone does not make them customers fixed.

In addition, the structure must be attractive and well positioned, having a parking lot, for example. Finally, it is important not to find yourself too close to direct competitors!

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What are your services and products?

Positioning is based on several aspects, and one of the main ones is the services and products offered. After all, they define which equipment will be purchased, which professionals will be hired and what the environment will be like.

For this, it is important to define your target audience and their main wants and needs. For example, local care doesn’t focus on hair care – and you can fill that gap.

Thus, you should buy hair products, equipment to treat them and professionals trained for this function.

What does the public ask for?

The public generally favors Nail salons that provide services different from traditional ones or specific services. In addition, it is important to be aware of market trends, using them as a differential.

How should the environment be structured?

First, you must establish all the necessary environments to make the space comfortable for the customer: reception area, storage, spacious work area, etc. Along with that, you must print your business identity on the decoration.

Likewise, equipment and furniture must bring quality and practicality to customers. Thus, it is important that the furniture is soft and adjustable and the equipment is diversified and modern.

How to set up a Nail salon: legal factors

Finally, the Nail salon needs to be regulated by the following bodies:

  • State Board of Trade;
  • Federal Revenue Secretariat for CNPJ;
  • State Department of Finance;
  • City hall for a business license;
  • Employers’ Union Entity;
  • Fire Department.

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