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How To Become An Amazon Seller

Amazon Seller

Amazon sellers are growing in numbers every day, and everyone wants to make use of the platform’s huge customer base as well as the ease of operation.

If you’re looking to be a part of the Amazon platform as well This article is ideal for you. We’ll cover the essentials you must do for becoming an Amazon seller, and a successful one, at the same time.

The steps to becoming an Amazon seller

The selling process on Amazon is quite simple, but there are some essential steps you must take before beginning your journey to sell.

Market and product research

The first thought that pops into your mind when you think about selling your product on Amazon will be “what to sell on Amazon?“. 

What makes a niche profitable is that the products within it must be in high demand and low competition, and it can be difficult to identify.

One method to do this is to find a range of products you think are suitable and then scrutinize them before making a decision. These must be products that will fill the gaps in the market with solid data to back the claim.

Utilize the SellerApp Amazon product research tool to discover products and study all the important details about them. 

It will aid you in understanding what products you’ve picked will generate sales that are high and provide useful information to assess the extent to which it meets the needs of customers.

It is also necessary to be aware of and abide by Amazon’s rules. You are not able to sell items that fall under those categories on Amazon Restricted Categories or you must seek permission to sell products that are classified to be “Restricted Products” on Amazon.

Purchasing your goods

After you’ve identified the ideal items, you have to determine where and how you’ll get the products, their shipping, and storage methods as well as exchanges and returns, and so on. This means you need to select from FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) or FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant) to handle the fulfillment of your orders.

Alibaba is a well-known source of goods. Be sure to find a reliable supplier or manufacturer who can serve as your business partner, and will provide an affordable price without sacrificing quality.

Check out this Alibaba to Amazon FBA guide to source your products.

Amazon Seller registration

In signing up, the most crucial aspect is to choose between the Amazon Individual seller account and Professional accounts. This account type is for sellers who typically have more than 100 products every month. It costs $39.99 per month.

A personal account will be designed for those who wish to sell fewer than 40 items each month. This account does not have a monthly fee for subscriptions. You need to make Amazon $0.99 as commission on every item you sell. 

To register, go to sellercentral.amazon.com – Choose between a Professional Seller account and an Individual Seller account.

Be sure to keep all the required documents to complete the registration process. Complete the entire registration procedure along with the payment details as well as other vital details.

Optimization of the product listing

After you have found and sourced the product, you’ll have to then develop Amazon product listings to start selling the product. 

To do this, you will need to search for and include relevant keywords within the product description, title, and Bullet points on Amazon.

Also, you should use HD images and use 3P optimization tools for listings to ensure your site is ranked highly on Amazon results. 

A high ranking is an essential element for customers to be able to find your product quickly, which increases sales.

Your listing’s content must be simple to read and draw the attention of your customers. Avoid repetition of keywords since this could be seen as keyword dumping and suffocation and the A9 doesn’t favor this.

In addition to the previously mentioned steps, a crucial aspect of selling products on Amazon can be Amazon PPC. 

Utilize either Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, or Sponsored Displays together with the appropriate keywords to promote your products to your company’s needs.

It’s the best method to increase the sales of your product as well as increase brand recognition and visibility.


With the right keyword and product research with optimized listings, the best suppliers and manufacturers are all you require to start the start of your Amazon business.

Being an Amazon seller is thrilling. But, to maintain your business, you must monitor your KPIs regularly and keep up-to-date on all modifications and updates to Amazon policies and rules.

Monitoring everything manually can be difficult. So, taking advantage of a 3P vendor platform such as SellerApp will help you increase your business’s levels and help you manage your business seamlessly.

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